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    Looking for feedback on my PC management app

    by dave.grohman ·

    Hi everyone, I’m currently working on developing a new PC management tool that offers system optimization and automatic updates for applications and drivers. I would love to hear your thoughts and interest in such an application. Here are a few planned features that I’m considering:

    – Simple overview of system status. (such as how many app updates available)

    – Configurable
    – Removal of unwanted telemetry and Cortana.
    – Option to switch unnecessary system services to manual startup, conserving system resources. (If the service is needed, it will start on demand)
    – Additional features like disabling/enabling Power Throttling on laptops or showing file extensions for known file types.
    – And more!

    App Updates:
    – Configurable
    – Automatic app updates on the computer using WinGet.

    Driver Updates:
    – Configurable
    – Automatic driver updates on the computer.

    – Overview of all available settings
    – Planning to include the option to import and export all program settings.

    I would appreciate your feedback, ideas, or questions regarding these features and desing of the app. Does this tool sound appealing to you? Do you have any suggestions or additional features you would like to see? Thank you for your help!


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      Did you post that on Reddit?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Looking for feedback on my PC management app

      Are there any IT wizards in this chat?
      by in it

      1. Automatic Driver Updates are the devil’s spawn. I’ve lost track of PCs I’ve had to rescue because of this. Begone Devil. Pure evil.
      2. App updates. Yet another hellhole. Great way to tank a working PC.
      3. Telemetry and Cortana? Easy enough to turn off. We don’t need yet another app to do this.

      Sorry, no sale and here, have a bottle of holy water.

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        Reply To: Looking for feedback on my PC management app

        by dave.grohman ·

        In reply to Did you post that on Reddit?

        Thank you for your response and your opinion! The Reddit link you shared has nothing to do with me or my application.

        1. Regarding automatic driver updates, I completely understand your concerns. For that reason, this feature will be entirely optional. Additionally, I conduct thorough testing to minimize any potential negative impacts of driver updates.

        2. As for automatic app updates, I respect your viewpoint. However, I’d like to clarify that this feature will work as a user interface for the existing WinGet project while also allowing background automatic updates similar to mobile operating systems. During the development process, I’ll focus on stability and minimizing the risk of potential issues with updates.

        3. I agree that technically savvy users can easily disable telemetry and remove Cortana. However, I aim to make this functionality accessible to less experienced users as well. Furthermore, as mentioned in my original post, the application will include many more features beneficial to different types of users.

        Thank you for your feedback!

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          My advice.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Reply To: Looking for feedback on my PC management app

          Be sure you put something like this in your user agreement:

          “Use of our application is voluntary. You agree to hold us not responsible for damages or charges due to updates and more.”

          From what I’ve read so far, you are new to Windows PCs and the havoc automatic updates cause.

          -> Don’t add fuel to the fire.

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          Reply To: Looking for feedback on my PC management app

          by dave.grohman ·

          In reply to My advice.

          Thank you for your suggestions!

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