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Looking for "free" Server Monitoring utility

By herrmannator ·
Anyone know of a simple and safe freeware/shareware utility I could use to periodically ping my servers automatically and then send me an email alert if one becomes un-reachable? Just something simple that could run on a desktop PC even. What's Up Gold is a good product but is $795 I think. Yes - simple, safe, and free would be good!!

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by Jaqui In reply to Looking for "free" Server ...


both good monitoring for traffic.
just have thier logs being made on your remote system, when logs are not being updated then the server is down.

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Try this

by dafe2 In reply to Looking for "free" Server ...

I was looking for this not too long ago for some 'smaller' jobs. There are all kinds of them out there, but none would give notifications.

We now use MonitorMagic and are extremely happy with the product.

It's highly customizable & alerts can be escalated if not responded to. You can also use it to (auto) restart hung services or restart servers depending on conditions.

Check it out

They also offer free a free ping monitor

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Good stuff

by house In reply to Try this

Thanks for the link. I learn more about various products and utilities here than I do anywhere else.

I will read up on the features. This stuff is vital in a conscious analysis and threat prevention approach. :)

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Your welcome

by dafe2 In reply to Good stuff

That's a great product, I've used it with up to 43 Servers.........The automation and reporting alone is worth the cost.

In the larger farms we go with HP Openview and MOM (MS Operations Manager).

Have a good one, DAFE2

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by house In reply to Your welcome

Is it per node or a one shot software price?

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Per Server (includes 10 nodes/devices)

by dafe2 In reply to Licencing?

They have an 'enterprise' I'ask them for a quote.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Try this

interesting link. :-)

but why ether & snort , what does he want to monitor - the packet traffic going to and from server? there will be a lot of it.

what you want to focus on is setting up the server OS to log properly exactly what you want it to log, and monitoring those server logs constantly. a good thing to do is have the thing email you any problem logs as they occur.

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Hey Sec;

by dafe2 In reply to heh..

That wasn't me........I don't use Ethereal or Snort (Actually, if I find them on my networks I delete them :-))

I only use three tools in OPS:

Monitor Magic for less than 50 Servers

Microsoft Operations Manager and HP OPenview for any larger than that.

Alltough I found the name of MM a little 'tacky' it's proven to be one **** of a solid product and has saved my a few time with alerts and alert escalation.

It DOES require effort to setup properly, but it's well worth it. For $700 ca it's money well spent.

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by house In reply to heh..

Are you saying that we should create baselines and monitor the resources locally or remotely? How about we use the Network Performance Monitor itself?

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by dafe2 In reply to True

MM uses Performance Monitor Objects/Counters etc.. to collect data.

The advantage is to graphically display results in more 'meaningful' ways to the non-tech crowd when you want to fund a new project :-)

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