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Looking for Help finding a IT internship/job in the Greater Chicago Area

By jump28man ·
My name is Joe,

I am currently a Masters student and will be graduating in March of 2013. I am reaching out to anyone whom can help me find an IT job or Internship in Chicago, IL. If anyone has any contacts in the Greater Chicago area that can give me a shot, I would be overly grateful. I am finishing up my Masters in IT (concentration in Assurance Security). My back ground is in Criminology, but I catch own very well. I have maintained an above average standing in my academic career. I am also interested to accepting an opportunity in Indiana, or Wisconsin if the situation fits.

Mr. Allen

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Couple of thoughts...

by robo_dev In reply to Looking for Help finding ...

Overall, I would assume you're looking at monster, indeed, linkedIN job boards and especially at your college employment office? When I went to college, there was this hard-working lady in my college employment office...she opened many doors for me and helped me to land my first job.

I don't mean to be snarky, but two suggestions about your post:

1) You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Therefore check your spelling and punctuation. Improper spelling or grammar tells a potential employer that you either lack attention to detail, or are not well educated, or both. Putting 'oppertunity' or 'back ground' on your resume gets it sent to the recycle bin, period, no exceptions. IT is a field where detail is very important....small errors make big problems.

2) Your faith and religion is between you and whoever or whatever you believe in, not us.

TR is intended to be a site for IT professionals, and while we should all respect each others beliefs, us IT professionals here have neither the expertise or metaphysical power to 'help you with your prayers'. If you have faith, good for you, but keep it to yourself.

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Reponse To Answer

by jump28man In reply to Couple of thoughts...

Thank you for your words of experience you so willing shared. I also thank you for making me aware I am on a "Professional IT site". Your post was very professional until your approach changed and became kind of personal. You could have made me aware of your point on prayers in the IT field in a more suitable manner. I do not know your beliefs and you do not know mine. Facts are facts, but disrespectfully talking to a young man you do not know is not professional at all. Only 1 person on this earth can tell me to keep something to myself and that is not you. So the next time you decide to help someone, do just that by adjusting your word choice more respectably.

P.S. I am a very young IT professional, Masters Professional

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Looking for Help

by jjtoday In reply to Looking for Help finding ...

Mr. Allen:
With your poor grammar (on, own) that masters you are flaunting won't buy you diddley. I am not an IT. I can say what I please. If you do not change your attitude soon you will never get an internship, much less a responsible position paying a good salary. Having been in the computer business since 1980, I have thrown away more resumes from people such as yourself than I can remember. Until you have a job it would behove you not to be rude to your elders. Or anyone for that matter. I know what a masters degree means to you. It means little to others until you prove that you know your craft. First, work on your grammar and spelling; homonyms and antonyms.
Keep in mind that you are a young man. Just starting out. You need all of the help you can get and you should be grateful from your heart when someone takes the time to speak to you.

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Get Over It

by a.portman In reply to Looking for Help finding ...


There are several spelling errors in your post. ALL of them would tank your resume faster than writing your resume in crayon. If you think we are being hard on you, wait until you see what an HR Specialist that has 100 to 1000 resumes for the one slot you would accept thinks.

Best of luck in your endeavors.

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Reponse To Answer

by jump28man In reply to Get Over It

Thanks for your insight. I was moving to fast and not paying attention to detail. I understand why detail and spelling is so important. I will work on being more clear and clean with my post.

Mr. Allen

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