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By terry5771 ·
I have an error message that continues to open up upon boot up. It says in reference to the following executable file aqadcup.exe that is cannot find the corresponding MFC70.DLL file. Can you assist me and tell me what application this may be associated with and using XP would I be able to go into the ADMIN Event Log and see when it was removed and by what or who?

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by P. Dickason, CNE, MCSE, CCA In reply to looking for help

It's spyware. You need to remove it from the run key in your registry, reboot then delete the executable. Since you have this it is most likely you have other spyware. Go to and get spybot S & D or Ad-aware and in some cases you may need both to catch everything. I don't think this particular program is caught yet so thats why you have to remove it manually. Hope this helps.

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by TheChas In reply to looking for help

There are a number of sites from which you can download just the file MFC70.DLL

Here is a link to information on the file at



It looks like the DLL is only distributed with Microsoft programming applications.

The developer who wrote aqadcup should have included the DLL in the distribution package for the software.

I would check and see what application aqadcup is part of and contact the developer for a fix.

Searching a few forums, I was not able to find specific information on aqadcup.

It looks like it might be part of some ad or spy-ware application though.


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