Looking for Laptop

By Clendanielc ·
Hi Everyone:

Im looking for a good laptop deal without having to pay full price by going to a store like Best Buy or Staples. Here is what Im looking for:

Intel i7 Processor
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
15 in screen

If anyone knows a good deal going on, I would greatly appreciate the info. My Vostro that I got 7 years ago, the RJ45 port died and so I have crappy wireless to deal with until I get a PCI card in or get a new laptop.

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Choosing a laptop

by snaik95899 In reply to Looking for Laptop

I would recommend checking Comp USA/Tiger Direct, Lenovo Outlet for an off lease or refurbished Asus, Lenovo Think Pad/Idea Pad, or Toshiba. Stay away from Sony, Samsung, and HP. Sony and Samsung have major reliability issues. HP has horrible customer service if you need something. The Dell XPS line is good. Their Inspiron line has a known problem with their internal power jacks usually failing after three years.

Unless you can fix the RJ-45 port or replace the PCI card in your computer with a new one, it would be more cost effective to just buy a new PC. Consumer Reports would be a good place to double check a laptop you're interested in when you find one. Good Luck !

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Reponse To Answer

by Clendanielc In reply to Choosing a laptop

I bought a PCI card in the meantime. My concern was that the RJ-45 port is integrated with the motherboard. I was worried that it was the motherboard giving signs of it living out its last days. Nothing else has given up on me yet so my guess it was the port was worn out.

I was thinking of replacing the motherboard but find that buying a more up to date PC would be wiser. Unless I can use the existing shell and rebuild the laptop. Nah, save the headaches and buy a new or refurbished PC. Thanks for places to check. I wish we still had a Comp USA in my area. We used to but they went out of business.

Thanks Again!

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