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Looking for Network User Monitoring soft

By robw ·
I am currently looking to review software which will monitor network users computer work habits without their knowledge.
I require:
1) monitoring of time spent browsing internet
2) Websites visited and time on each one.
3) It should report back to central server
4) Flexible reporting
I looked at European program called Cyclope which is pretty good. I would like to see what else is out there before commiting.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Looking for Network User ...

Couldn't you derive this from a proxy server's records?

And does legal know and endorse this plan for said user monitoring? Is there a current policy allowing this?

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by robw In reply to

Proxy server does not tell you how long a web page is open and on top. Appreciate the try.

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by tlath1972 In reply to Looking for Network User ...

This is good stuff. Symantec web security. policy enforcement, and reporting for multiple users, groups, and servers. Symantec Web Security monitors, logs, enables auditing, and provides automated alerting tools. It also improves network throughput by reducing overall web-based traffic, which enhances firewall and network reliability and security. Symantec Web Security is supported by Symantec Security Response, the world's leading antivirus and Internet security research and response organization.

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by Stubby In reply to Looking for Network User ...

Hmmmm.. dangerous ground you tread there. I didn't check your part of the world, but I'd be very careful about any form of additional monitoring. By that I mean not already covered by your T&C's, etc ... even then, there are limits to what you can do.

That aside - I don't know of any software, but I'm certain a quick google will give you 100's of companies that do what you want.

Most of what you want can be gleaned from proxy or filter software logs such as SurfControl or SmartFilter - however, the window on top is a tricky issue. Unless you tally the time a window is open with other records such as phone, lunch breaks, visits by or to other staff, then how do you know they wasted (for example) an hour on a shopping site? When in reality they may have gone there (whether deliberate or accidentally is not raised either) for two minutes and then gone to lunch, or be called in to a meeting or helped a colleague with a problem .... and so on.

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by BlitzSonik In reply to Looking for Network User ...

Check out Websense from

But be carefull. To protect you and the company, I would draft up a little something stating that all email and internet traffic will be monitored. This little blanket clause could prevent tons of law suits for YOU and the company.


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by eanderholm In reply to Looking for Network User ...

Try checking out The product 5th Column has quite the track record in catching criminals, proving-disproving illegal activity and it is easy to use and operate. There is a real issue with trampling employee rights and privacies and this product addresses that with a patented 'level of control/reivew' technology.
Disclaimer -- I work for them and am biased toward the technology. While other 'security solutions' talk of catching criminals this thing has and it is good.

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by robw In reply to Looking for Network User ...

Lots of good answers, I will give points after reviewing products.

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by ppigeon In reply to Looking for Network User ...

If you are looking for a monitoring tool, send me an email directly to

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