Looking for recommendations for an email app for Android.

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I started with the built-in app but for some reason, I can't remember why, it didn't work out.

I tried MS Outlook but that didn't sync contacts outside the app with the result that phone callers would only show a number and the phone book was empty. All my contacts are in Exchange. The desktop version is so godawfully buggy I actually use emClient on there instead of Outlook, it's a bit of a shambles.

I've been using "Nine" on Android for about 6 months however that has elected to stop working with Exchange. It just doesn't sync. This may or may not have to do with me allowing it to update to a newer version on September 12. There doesn't seem to be a way to roll back to a prior version. My fault. "If it ain't broke don't fix it". Should have known better etc.

Additionally in that app even when it does work, there's no way to select emails in a list and mass-delete them so you have to click into each one which is a pain I've put up with until now. Actually, it is theoretically possible - you have to hit the little circle on the left with incredible accuracy and I miss around a third of the time with the result that the email opens anyway.

What I need is an email app that syncs with IMAP and Exchange and is capable of syncing email, tasks, calendar and notes e.g. the whole set of functions. There's one called Blue Mail but it doesn't do all of those.

Can anyone suggest an app that can do all of that? Thanks.
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