Looking for Santa-Fe GLA Manual.

By vampkat ·
Does anyone have a manual for a Santa-Fe GLA Motherboard?

If you do please can you send it to me or leave a link to where i can find it.

I'm Fixing a HP Pavilion XT933 for an old teacher of my youngest brother. I want to be able to give him good news.

(On Nov 14 his 12 year old son passed away in his sleep. I want to let him know that his computer could work if there are any thing on there he wants.)

What is wrong is that there is no video, no beeps, and no pci video cards will work. i heard there is a jumper that will disable the onboard video card and doing that will enable pci video cards to work.

Please help.
Thank you all.

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by retro77 In reply to Looking for Santa-Fe GLA ...

Sorry to hear about the loss. I think that by installing a PCI video card, it will disable the onboard. It should would just by plugging it in, attaching the monitor to it.

I googled for this XT933 and couldnt find a manual online or someone with a solution. But I did find someone else that was having the same issue.

Another solution might be to remove the hard drive and add it to another system. Or make it an external USB with a cheap drive case.

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by vampkat In reply to Wow

I found out that older motherboards have jumpers that you have to set to override the onboard video card. i even checked with hp becuase it's a hp computer and they don't even have the manual.

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by retro77 In reply to well

Looking at the motherboard, how many jumpers are there? Might be able to logically deduce what one it is. Sometimes they are even labled with a little table, saying what it does at each location. I know old CPU jumpers were like this and most CMOS reset jumpers are like this as well.

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by vampkat In reply to MB

there are 5 jumpers and i looked and there is no lables on any of them.

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Probably Not Video Adapter

by willcomp In reply to Looking for Santa-Fe GLA ...

no video, no beeps -- Failed motherboard or RAM is more probable.

Remove and reseat memory modules. If PC has not been used for awhile, memory contacts may be corroded.

Inspect capacitors on motherboard for signs of swelling or leakage. Pay special attention to those around CPU socket.

As previusly mentioned, you can connect hard disk to another PC and retrieve data.

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I belive it still is a video

by vampkat In reply to Probably Not Video Adapte ...

I have a post code reader that tells me what happens during boot up and the computer read that it booted up right.
I also check with diffenet RAM and still nothing. I check everything and nothing seems out of place.

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Are you sure the monitor works?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to I belive it still is a vi ...

Check it on another system.

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POST Card Reading

by willcomp In reply to I belive it still is a vi ...

What is final hexadecimal reading on POST card when PC is booted?

As a general rule, Pavilion PCs do not have a video jumper. Video output should swap over when you install a PCI video card.

Which PCI slot(s) did you install the card in? Start with slot 1 (nearest CPU) -- it has a reserved video IRQ in many cases.

I have 3 older Pavilions in my shop, but they are all Intel systems. None have a video jumper though.

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by vampkat In reply to POST Card Reading

I tried in in all three pci video cards in all the slots. The post card read said FF which means it booted fine.I also tried it with each card at a differnet montior and repearted on a total of four montiors.

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Not Okay

by willcomp In reply to okay

FF generally indicates CPU failure on every POST card I'm familar with. Motherboard failure can cause the same error especially VRM module falure.

Award is the only BIOS where FF indicates a successful boot.

I still suspect you have a much deeper problem than video card.

Did you inspect capacitors on motherboard for bulging or leakage? Pay special attention to ones around CPU socket.

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