Looking for some advice

By omacron ·
I have been working for an exceptional good compay for 7 years. Five years in IT as a desktop support tech and 2 years in my current position as a media specilist with IT responsibilities (maintain about 120 classroom computers with mutiple images)our training/quality department, it was a big jump in pay with mutiple oppertunities to pick up some new skills. My boss has asked me if I was instread in teaching some computer courses mostly MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint and a few others, this could turn into a full time teaching position and that will have to be addressed. I have the oppertunity to learn e-learning and develop e-learning courses and content which I think is an explosive field currently and will continue to grow, I think I would like to move in this direction but I'm not sure. I'll finally have my degree completed next spring, BS in Management, 50 yrs old,I have some management experience already behind me (but none in IT. Should I seek to get back in IT as a manager or supervisor? I did leave with my reputation intact and on good terms. I've been told and heard from others that once your out of IT (within the company), forget about trying to get back in. Our IT department has undergone radical changes in management, basically all new members with a lot changes. I really enjoyed working in IT but at the time, under that current management it sucked big time. Leaving this company is not an option. So what do you think?

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If you like IT, go for IT!

by cannefar In reply to Looking for some advice

Get your BS in Management and go for the position that you want in IT. If that does not pan out, you will still have the degree in Management. Go where you will be happy. I am proud of you. Life is too short so do what makes you smile, if you can, and pay the bills too.

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strongly suggest

by coffee junky In reply to Looking for some advice

I have a neighbor who preparing to leave accounting (presently working for a major securities brokerage firm) to work for the school district - he getting a certificate in education, so that he might work in any administrative capacity (initially - as an accountant). As I understand, a masters degree in education - would give you a wider choice of options, professional status, and THE KEY IS Much Higher Salary if he teaching in high school and lower grades. Second, what is suggested / required to teach math, or Science.. Beyond a masters degree ? , is it certification or additional Bs degree (which might take 2 years) If your areas districts are unionized - ask them. LAST - will the district help pay for additional certifications / degree ( might require you staying a while) PLUSES, being able to retire with a lifelong medical benefit and possible percent of salary pension..

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