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Looking for some free Music On Hold

By fmuise ·
Need this for a small phone system.

Any links would be useful thanks.

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Most classical music is in the public domain. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Looking for some free Mus ...
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by fmuise In reply to Most classical music is i ...

Know where I can track down some classical tracks?

I've been searching all morning and can't dig much up.

We currently have a song all ready, but we need to change it as its one of the only complaints we recieve.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to hmm

Classical music CDs are usually cheap, often $6 or $8 dollars.

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For what it's worth...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Looking for some free Mus ...

I despise being put on hold and having to listen to music that sounds like crap coming out of the phone. Whoever thought that one up should be shot. X-(

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It only has one purpose.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to For what it's worth...

To let you know you're still connected. I'd as soon hear frequently asked questions or Bill Cosby.

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Free Music On Hold

by sgorick In reply to Looking for some free Mus ...

Here is a link to download a free music on hold mp3 or wav file:

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All MOH is free!

by Oz_Media In reply to Looking for some free Mus ...

I worked with business telecom hardware for many years, some larger PBX's and older Key Systems erquire a MOH card but most these days do not. ojust plug a radio into the jack on the KSU and tune it in. That's why so many times you are put on hold and the station is out of tune, it's just a cheap $10 radio plugged in to the system, no roayalties needed for offering radio airplay, the radio station pays for it and it is not being used to promote your business or sell a product.

More valuable than MOH though is offering recorded product messages (FACT: whether people say they like it or not, product messages DO result in increased sales). Advertise your service, advertise a new product etc.

In most cases your best bet is just to go to a local uni or community college and have someone in the broadcasting class record it for you, usually free as done as a project for them. They LOVE doing that stuff and they can phone in after hours and listen to it, use it for a resume etc.

Just be rousourceful, a radio or a perrecorded pitch is most common. No need to worry about royaly free, downloaded music, that's just a lot of work for nothing.

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