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Looking for some input (2)

By dbernor ·

I am currently tasked with the creation of a Helpdesk. I am looking for some opinions on Helpdesk software packages that anyone has experience with and can reccomend. As is almost always the case Cost will be one of the largest factors.

One I have found that seems interesting is Outlook Help Desk 3.0 from Crow Canyon Software.
Would be nice to find a few poeple that have used this product.

Thanks in advance for your help.
(NOte: I posted this under software a week ago and am reposting it here hoping for some responses.)

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Check out Altiris and Track-It 7.0

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Looking for some input (2 ...

Remedy is another one as well as Magic

Do not bother with HEAT because I've used it and it sucks bigtime.

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Track-It Vs Remedy

by ihabco In reply to Looking for some input (2 ...

It really depends on how many clients do you have. I have worked with Track-it, Remedy, Vantive and they all differ in one way or another. Track-It is a good start up helpdesk solution. I mean that the helpdesk module in Track-it does what it's suppose to do. Track-i offer different add-ons modules for barcode scanning, KB, etc... it's a solution for midsize companies where you want to track helpdesk requests but it wouldn't allow for RCA, problem management, CMDB, etc... also, it's not as nearly as expensive as Remedy
Remedy is ITIL compliant, meaning that there's a flow between the helpdesk module, problem management, change, cmdb, etc... Remedy will require an administrator to maintain the application. out of the box, Remedy will need to be configured to meet your needs, you can set up SLAs, notifications, etc.. Remedy has a lot to offer and is designed for large coorporations and you will spend a lot of time customizing and implementing it

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Take a look at Cherwell

by willjohnson612 In reply to Looking for some input (2 ...

It gives you the ability to customize the frontend and back like Remedy but is easy to use and much easier on the budget. It is more $$$ then track it but a very good solution. We work with 5 different help desk/service desk solutions and it is the most feature rich for the $$$$. We are an IT Services shop.

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by rbyrne In reply to Looking for some input (2 ...

We are currently using Numara Track-it. Not that impressive. It has some nice features, but we are currently looking to change. Please post if you find any that look impressive.

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