Looking for some Java script advice for pulling the text of a dropdown

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So, I'm a total newbie given a task to create a small site to collect some user inputed info and pass it to an email. I found some really good examples online and basically took a few of them and mashed them into something that works 99%. the one last % is killing me.
The site takes basic info, name, email etc, and a pulldown for different configuration options. When the pulldown is selected, it loads a html file containing all the details and a picture into an iframe.
I'm using a perl script I found online to collect all the data and dump it to a email when the form is submitted. That works great except for one problem. I need to pull the txt in the pulldown, but I seem to be only able to pull the value, which is the html file being shown in the iframe.

Here is the code from my Pulldown:
<td colspan="2">
<select onchange="[this.selectedIndex].value,'iframe');this.selectedIndex=text;"choice=config" name="config">
<option value="instructions.html"> Configuration Options </option>
<option value="option1.html"> 12311 with Dual 50" Plasma </option>
<option value="option2.html"> 12312 with 50" Plasma </option>
<option value="option3.html"> 12313 with 42" Plasma </option>
<option value="option4.html"> 12314 with 32" Plasma </option>

and my iframe code:
<iframe name="iframe" src="instructions.html" align="top" height="460" width="760"></iframe>

So I don't really understand what the majority of the java does, I just know it works 99% of the way I need it to. I can pass the "optionN.html" when i collect the value of the pulldown using Perl, but I need to pass the "12311 with Dual 50" Plasma" text in the pulldown itself.

Any help would be appreciated.

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