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Looking for sources for an article

By ESCarey ·
I'm writing an article for CNET on what to do if you resign and then receive a counter offer from your company to stay. If there's anyone who's encountered that situation I'd love to hear from you (need reply before June 3.) My email address is escomm at Thanks.

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It will be biased.

by areets In reply to Looking for sources for a ...

Your article will be biased. Is the theme to be inclusive of that? There are many variables to consider but as a single lining to the theme, the bordered political constitution and its ethics and culture of that community.


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Nice one areets

by Oz_Media In reply to It will be biased.

Way to go!! Shoot down the concept before the article is written, I love it, very TR!!

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Understanding is important!

by areets In reply to Nice one areets

When writing such articles, it is too easy to only look within restricted boundaries of thought. I only wish the writer to hold all pieces at hand, so as for him to take a respective approach but to note that the perception of the article topic has variables that will show a bias tendency. So as of when his article is read, the reader must immediately realize the contextual framework of any culture to be ?embedded? in the subject matter.

It is not my aim to shoot the article down, but ensurethat one remains objective and that those critical eyes applied remain within context. That context will be restricted to the ethics and culture of that business community.

Andrew Reets

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Fair enough it was an amusing comment

by Oz_Media In reply to Understanding is importan ...

Sorry areets, I was just bugging you. It just seemed like such a techie answer to an invitation for comments. That's thinking OUTSIDE the box for you.
I think that ALL discussions whether here or on another site are VERY biased as are the news reports, newspapers etc. The reason is because they simply invite individual opinions or express those in favor of political parties. There is no way to really get an unbiased opinion when opening a question to everyone or using a focused or targeted group of people.
Very entertaining comment though.

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We've never meet in person.

by areets In reply to Fair enough it was an amu ...

But, for what ever reasons, I would like to meet you one day. Your reactions are of gold, I think.


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Thank that's nice of you to say

by Oz_Media In reply to We've never meet in perso ...

Are you sure you were reading the discussions I've posting in lately. I'm not too popular with many people here anymore. Not that I really care.
It's funny but everyone spouts off about freedom of speech and being unique, but if I speak my mind and it goes against their beliefs, the name calling and assumptions start. I just keep feeding the fire out of boredom and amusement.

Thanks again for your kind comments, perhapse our paths will cross one day or better still we'll party backstage.
note, backstage parties aren't the riot that they're are assumed to be, ususally the band is dog tired and simlpy smile, shake a few hands and get on to the next stop.)

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