Looking for ssh tunnelling software, to convert telnet traffic.

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Within our internal network, we have a test system that allows several client machines to log in to a Server using telnet, port 23 - The clients have a terminal emulation application installed to allow this, but it doesn?t support SSH ? I would like to know if there is an application that has the potential to convert telnet to SSH via tunnelling ? It?s imperative we keep the existing emulation software.
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I use these

by markp24 In reply to Looking for ssh tunnellin ...
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SSH tunneling

by oldbaritone In reply to Looking for ssh tunnellin ...

It's relatively easy to set up an SSH tunnel. When properly installed, the use should be transparent.

The important thing is that the SSH layer makes the login a two-step process - first establishing the SSH connection and tunnels, then connecting to telnet.

Set up ipsec on the test system so that port 23 is only accessible to, and may not be connected by outside machines. Load an SSH host and configure a tunnel on port 23 to (depends on software where the configuration is done)

Then set up the SSH client on the client machines, with the tunnel on port 23, and establish a connection.

Your client machines will log in via telnet to - themselves. The SSH tunnel will connect them to the test system, securely.

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Old Baritone 's got it

by markp24 In reply to SSH tunneling

I i read the question correctly, i should have give information like old baritone,
Old baritone always has the info!!

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