looking for tape Backup solution

By alashhar ·
now at our office we use HP DAT72 which is absolute in the market, and it is so difficult to find its tapes. we use HP DAT72 for three reasons
(1) disaster recovery.
(2) Data Archive (delete from file server).
(3) Project library (after we complete a project, we copy all the project files into tape).
now we are thinking to change the backup tape drive with new one, what do you recommended for me?
what do i have to do with our old archive tapes (HP DAT72 tapes)? do i have to transfer them to new tapes after changing the tape drive? or i can use the DAT72 tapes with the new tape drive?
my boss always is asking me, why we do not backup data on CDs? my answer always more reliable and the tape can save for long time, is my answer right?

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Boss is right - almost

by oldbaritone In reply to looking for tape Backup s ...

Perhaps consider backup on DVD or double-density DVD. Same physical size as CD, lots more data per unit. 8 GB or so per disk.

Advantages -
CHEAP! DVD's are only a few cents each. Write once, keep forever. Supposed to be good for 100 years or so. There are also automatic DVD drives that you can load a stack of blanks, and let it run.

Readily available - you mentioned "it is so difficult to find its tapes". DVDs are everywhere.

Quick - DVD access is much faster than tape. You mention data archive, and another type of DVD drive works like a jukebox, and you can keep all of the backup storage available for quick retrieval, much faster than tapes.

Stable - magnetic tapes tend to get "print-through" over time and become unusable. Optical media is not subject to magnetic interference.

There are many reasons why tapes are not used as much as they used to be. Mostly, it's because direct-access media (like DVD) has become much less expensive, and practical to use as backup.

One other thing to mention in the context of backups - "FIREPROOF" safes are WORTHLESS for computer backups. They protect PAPER. In the absence of oxygen, paper can go up to about 700-750 degrees without burning. When plastic gets that hot, it melts.

The best way to protect computer backups is off-site storage, whether in a physical box somewhere else, or in an online service. Computer data will not survive a fire, period.

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Consider removable disk backup?

by hondafrank In reply to looking for tape Backup s ...

Have you considered removable disk backup? There are several companies offering this now and I prefer it. Speed of recovery is much faster....

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can you give us example

by alashhar In reply to Consider removable disk b ...

what do you mean by removable disk backup?

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Depends on the size of data and needs

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to looking for tape Backup s ...

If you have large amount of data, then you can switch to LTO3 tapes, they can hold about 800GB of data.

But if you want to keep the backup forever, then use DVDs or Blue-Ray disk, because tapes has a data retention period, after that the data will not be readable.

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so we are wrong

by alashhar In reply to looking for tape Backup s ...

thank you for your replies,

so we are absolutely wrong that we thought the tapes can live longer than any media.

and the point to choose tapes than DVD or Blue ray is when we have big size of data!

our data reach to about 100GB and we are going to filtering it and delete some duplicate files, so the size will be less than that. is blue ray a good solution for us? if so i need to convince our manager to change the idea

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to so we are wrong

Blue-ray looks a good choice for you, single layer disk can hold 25GB and double layer can hold 50GB of data.

But check for the price, Blue-ray disks are not cheap.

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how long the LTO and DAT can be live ?

by alashhar In reply to looking for tape Backup s ...

always a question in my mind which how long the tapes can be live?

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HP manufacture policy

by alashhar In reply to looking for tape Backup s ...

i heard the HP are still manufacture and provide DAT72 tapes. i think soon or later, HP will stop manufacture and provide them. so what is the hp manufacture policy for any product, specifically for their new tapes tech. such as LTO2,3,4?

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