Looking for the conflict

By mr_t_wright ·
I was configuring a server for active directory and before that time I could acces the server03 with no problem, now I can not. Well during start up while the network connections are being applied/prepared/opened I can ping the server, but after the "applying computer settings portion at start up I can no longer ping the server. Can someone shed some light?

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here you go

by CG IT In reply to Looking for the conflict

Some light

more info required.

when can you not access the server? during startup? entering a user name and password?

or are you just pinging the server during startup and after the firewall initializes you can no longer ping?

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I hope it's green

by mafergus In reply to here you go

I hate wasting electricity. Ping is a great tool, but one that seems to be utilized waaaay to much! Like you said most firewalls worth their spit will block ping, but I have spent waaay too much time with help requests that start with, "Can't ping..."

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by mr_t_wright In reply to I hope it's green

thats cool I used cant ping to summarize. Cant join the domain either, when i enter the domain name the window pops up asking for my credentials but then i get an error, I am going to make sure ICMP wasnt disabled and then will seek more help

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what error? you leave out the most important information

by CG IT In reply to understand

a credential box opens, you enter credentials and then what error? what does it say?

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Windows 2003 SP1 has a buiilt in firewall

by markp24 In reply to Looking for the conflict


You may want to disable widnows server 2003's built in firewall as a test to see if that is the issue, if so you may need to reconfigure the settings int he firewall.
this link may help.

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try it

by mr_t_wright In reply to Windows 2003 SP1 has a bu ...

thanks all I will try these and let you know either way, but you all have shed some light and it is much appreciated.

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Please click a thumbs up for us if this works for you

by markp24 In reply to try it

Please click a thumbs up for us if this works for you

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