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Looking for top ten list of issues facing technical managers

By jer2911tx ·
I'm looking for examples of pressing issues facing today's technical managers (doesn't have to be limited to IT, could be any manager in a technical field).
anything from employee morale, employee turnover, employee training, eomployee continuing education, department budgeting, project budgeting, employee resources, shortage of head count, etc)
anyone have any ideas as to what pressing issues today's technical managers are facing, or any links to resources dealing with that issue?
any help is appreciated.

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Top 5 Issues

by BFilmFan In reply to Looking for top ten list ...

As a technical director for a US Federal Contractor, this is my list of the Top 5:

1. Ability to hold a Secret Clearance.

Almost all government contracts since 9/11 have required a clearance. Folks that have a clearance always go to the top of the list for review when positions are available.

2. Inter-personal business skills.

The ability to write a legible memo and other documents is sadly lacking in the majority of candidates.

3. Technical skills.

There are far too many wannna-be architects and senior engineers in the market with less than 5 years of experience who believe they can design and operate complex, multiple-vendor operating system and harware networks.

The simple fact is that most of them are barely qualified to be senior administrators.

4. Budgets.

IT costs money. You can't win the Daytona 500 building your race car with parts form U-Pull-It Junkyard. 'Nuff said.

5. Employee Training.

Even though my organization offers up to $5000 a year in tution assistance (which covers things like college courses, vendor courses, tests, etc.), the vast majority of employees never take advantage of it.

I have addressed this issue in beginning to set training requirements and goals in the annual review to get a raise and promotions.

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by jer2911tx In reply to Top 5 Issues

Thanks for the reply.
Some good things to keep in mind.
Let me know if you think of any more or know of any other resources to check out.
Your help is appreciated :)

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A comment on your list

by GregDC In reply to Top 5 Issues

As a Talent Agent for Business/Technical companies and for the Talent that is looking to move forward in their career, I have one thing to say about your list --- BULLS EYE!

I do not deal with clearances, except indirectly, I have no comment there.
I do, however, see a lot of written and hear a lot of verbal communication every day from both Client and Candidate. Most of Technology people should be required to take writing and a public speaking course once a year. (Myself included!!). We, who should be the best listeners, speakers, and writers in the company (since information management and communication is our business) do C- work.

As to Wanna-be's, I can see your point, however we as managers (I was a IS Manager for 15 years) do a rotten job of mentoring for the next level. The result is that people think that because they read an article/book/blog about how to, that they can. That is as much management's problem as it is the employees.

Money - you said it all!!!

Employee training is a mixed bag. There are long hours in every shop, it is a very special person that will then do the extra work on their own to take the class/test. Management has to be able to show a real ROI for the employee's time/energy investment with a great mentoring program with real results (salary, responsibility, position).

Companies do a poor job of knowing their strategic mission critical positions and putting "A" players in those positions, then supporting the employee with the tools and information to exceed in doing the job.

Maybe that is were we really need to start.

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The most important item

by cbrito In reply to Looking for top ten list ...


The most important item it is to learn about the General Control Theory. For me, it is impossible to control anything [specially IT] without the GCT.

If you want to learn about, please see in .


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No Way

by Mr. Hardware In reply to The most important item

In the link you provided they cant spell information?

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Funny site

by Dr Dij In reply to No Way

I can understand bad English if the site's creators don't have this for primary language:
(here's one course text:)
You will learn the choiced subject

but for the link to have just careless mistakes at the very top of the page seem silly,:

makes the value of this site suspect. the MIT free courses are nice. but you don't need to got this site to find them. I read thru one of the MIT subatomic theory courses. Only understood parts.

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Issues faced by tech. manager

by parvez In reply to Looking for top ten list ...

There is no doubt that tech.manager are facing many issues. The one I'm facing is the employee turnover, morale, Punctuality, and attitude toward the work.
It is some time very difficult to handle these issues when you are working in a multinational environment. These issues I think (may be I'm wrong) can be solved easily if the top management support the tech manager.
I'll welcome more comments on these issues.

Parvez A. Siddiqui

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Lack of consistency

by ornerdoug In reply to Looking for top ten list ...

With all the new employees coming right out of college who still have the "chatting bug" it?s hard to have upper management stay consistent with policies and procedures.

As an IT Manager who has a boss who acts more like a coach than an actual boss this causes problems throughout the office.

The "Chatting Bug" is the new employees who are so use to chatting with friends each day using one of many chat programs that they do it at work, or instead of work.

The boss, who I feel hires because of looks rather than skills, does not like confrontation, so when I bring this information to him and he grumbles and complains but never does anything about it.

When I take matters into my own hands and block programs the "cute" employees complain and I am forced to unblock the programs.

I remember when the title IT Manager meant something.

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by Mr. Hardware In reply to Lack of consistency

Wow, just when you think youre the only one. At lest someone else feels my pain. Been there done dat. What sux more is hwen youre blamed for your bosses lack.

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by rob mekel In reply to Lack of consistency

It's an issue I recognize. Dealt with it in confronting my boss on (may be) low employee turnover/lack of production. And off course you get the argument "but not everyone has a low production so differentiate to employee". Then you can make it part of there reward on a measurable way.
Be aware of the looks but more important the work environment atmosphere. Workers (people in general) do like to compare and don't like differences on reward for the same work (whether or not the production is the same).

Then there is still the group of workers claiming they need those programs for getting their work done. This of course can be true and be a valid argument which is harder to deal with but can be dealt with on setting goals for your employee?s.

In general I would say the more (workforce) mature the employee's are the more responsibility they can handle. In the end it is all a matter of confidence and trust.

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