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Looking for Trainers/Sneakers

By Bizzo ·
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Hopefully someone will know what I'm taking about. :-D

Last week I was on holiday with my partner and we were out shopping, she sees this pair of trainers that she loves. We leave the shop with the intention of going back to buy them. It ends up that we don't. And now I'm trying to find out what brand the trainers are.

They were unusual in the fact that they were sort of "3-in-one" trainers. Hi-top, tennis shoe, and sandal height at the back. They had some sort of popper/clip that allowed the top of the "hi-top" boot to be removed to be left with just the tennis shoe height, and then a further popper/clip thing that allowed you to remove the heel of the shoe, to be left with just a slip-on type of sandal.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Or know the brand name?

Unfortunately we can't even remember the name of the shop we were in!!

Thanks in advance.

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Ladies will know

by BFilmFan In reply to Looking for Trainers/Snea ...

Hey ladies. This man needs help finding his lady some shoes!

Now how many men actually go buy shoes for their ladies? Help this thoughtful man out...

Only advise I can give is call the store and ask.

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That's the problem.

by Bizzo In reply to Ladies will know

We walked around soooooo many shops that day, neither of us can even remember the name of the shop.

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Guess you will have to go back..... (nt)

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to That's the problem.
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Not really.

by Bizzo In reply to Guess you will have to go ...

Don't really want to drive 5 hours to get a pair of shoes!

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"Let your fingers do the walking!" Online at that ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Looking for Trainers/Snea ...

Try the online Yellow Pages.

Narrow your search down to the town you were in.

Check for the 'type' of store where you found the shoes.

Most stores featured in Yellow Pages have map references. You might just remember which shop it was.

Give them a phonecall.

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Found them!!!!!

by Bizzo In reply to Looking for Trainers/Snea ...

Finally worked out what to call them so I could search, "modular training shoes".

They're made by a company called "Nat-2", and the ones I was talking about are called "Stack 4 in 1".

She likes the purple:

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Found them!!!!!

Now, I wonder which 'one' will be responsible for the soles wearing out ?

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