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By colmgdonnelly ·
Hi, does anyone know of a free or open source video convertor for youtube? im trying to convert .vob dvd files and can't find anything.


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Results 1 - 10 of about 4,710,000 for vob to flv. (0.12 seconds) ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Looking for video convert ...

Google is your friend. :)

However you may not require any of the four-million-plus results because:

Videos uploaded to YouTube are limited to ten minutes in length and a file size of 1 GB. When YouTube was launched in 2005, it was possible for any user to upload videos longer than ten minutes, but YouTube's help section now states: "You can no longer upload videos longer than ten minutes regardless of what type of account you have. Users who had previously been allowed to upload longer content still retain this ability, so you may occasionally see videos that are longer than ten minutes." The ten minute limit was introduced in March 2006, after YouTube found that the majority of videos exceeding this length were unauthorized uploads of television shows and films.

YouTube accepts videos uploaded in most formats, including .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, MPEG, .MP4, DivX, .FLV, and .OGG. It also supports 3GP, allowing videos to be uploaded directly from a mobile phone.

YouTube's videos are distributed through streaming media technology in a range of formats, with the video and audio quality dependent on the platform. YouTube's website interface offers users the choice of two quality levels, normal and high, both of which are based on the Flash Video container format. These videos are Sorenson Spark H.263 encoded, with the audio in mono MP3 format. The normal quality videos have a resolution of 320x240 pixels and have been in use since the launch of the site in 2005, while the high quality videos launched in March 2008 have a resolution of 480x360 pixels. YouTube chooses which videos are made available in the high quality format by analyzing the quality of the uploaded videos. YouTube's high quality videos are also available in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format with stereo AAC audio. The MPEG-4 videos can be played by adding "&fmt=18" to the web address of a video.

Excerpt taken from Wikpedia:

Basically you register with YouTube, and they'll lead you from there. You might be better to try converting to one of .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, MPEG, .MP4, DivX, and .OGG - rather than .FLV as your resultant output will retain greater detail levels than going straight to .FLV which might then lose more detail again in the YouTube upload process.

However, as indicated (and as I suspect) your main problem is going to be in Video Editing because you'll NEVER be able to use any complete standard single VOB format file due to its excessive length, so editing down to a suitable running time will be your major problem.

You may find this further link of interest, straight from YouTube:

Good luck.


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Re: Looking for video convertor

by stephenmore88 In reply to Looking for video convert ...

You can try Moyea Video4Web Converter, it is free and converts popular video to flash video.

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