Looking for Win98SE USB Driver for an external drive.

By omnitech_1 ·
I want to use my external drive attached to a USB 1.1 port on a Win98SE OS for frequent backups.
The USB chipset in the external drive is a JMicron 20329. The driver is not on their site, I have been waiting for over 3 weeks for their response.
When I attach the external drive is says it can't find the USB ATA bridge driver.

I have a 2gig flash drive that works perfectly on the Win98.

Anyone know where I can get a driver? I'm not looking for a PCMCIA solution.


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external drive

by .Martin. In reply to Looking for Win98SE USB D ...

what is the brand and model of the actual external drive?

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the external drive

by omnitech_1 In reply to external drive

The external drive is a 500g Seagate Momentus that I have installed in a NextStar CX case. But why should it matter as to who the manufacturer of the drive or enclosure is? The SATA drive appears as a USB connection to the OS, intefaced by the JMicron 20329 which the drive plugs into.

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Try reading up on All things USB and Win 98 here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Looking for Win98SE USB D ...


As it says there are 2 distinct versions of 98 and they work differently to each other when it comes to USB Handling.


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generic drivers for USB on Windows 98SE

by omnitech_1 In reply to Try reading up on All thi ...

Thank you for the link,

I am hesitant to install this .exe since it seems to indicate that it includes several generic USB drivers. I am rather concerned that it may replace and or screw something else up, especially since it states there is no guarantee. I am looking for just the .drv and .inf files.

Have you installed them without problem from this file?

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NO I haven't had a need to use this previously

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to generic drivers for USB o ...

But as I only do Business work I haven't used 98 in a very long time now either. And back then there where no USB Devices available for the PC at least. I do believe that Apple was then at the beginning of developing the USB Standard and had a couple of Devices available, maybe.

I used a 98 System for the first time in several years last Sunday and that was only to work through deleting AVG 7.5 from that system for the owner. I'm currently int he process of replacing that Desktop with a NB so I very much doubt that I'll need to touch another 98 System for a very long time if ever again.

However what they mean by No Guarantee's is that it may not work not that it will screw up the existing drivers and because there is no definitive info on this Enclosure you are better off trying a couple of drivers in the hope that one works.


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by TheChas In reply to Looking for Win98SE USB D ...

Sad to say that many newer USB devices including most thumb drives do not work with Windows 98. Even if you have a USB 2.0 card installed.

Both chip and device manufactures stopped worrying about Windows 98 compatibility and drivers years ago.

If the drive manufacture does not have a Windows 98 driver you can download, then you may be out of luck.

I have some external drive enclosures that only work with Vista and not with Windows XP, So I do understand your problem and frustration.


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The JMicron 20329

by omnitech_1 In reply to Sorry

As my original post stated i'm concerned only with attaching it to a 1.1 USB port. The drive works fine on a WinXP USB 2.0. The JMicron 20329, is a USB ATA bridge chip which is suppose to be backwards compatible with the older 1.1 specification if you have a driver, i'm looking for this driver.

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work around

by computechdan In reply to Looking for Win98SE USB D ...

as a work around while attempting to find a driver you could attach it to another system on the network and share it.

also, take a look at xxcopy, it's free and does an excellent job of creating a complete bootable copy of windows 98

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the work around

by omnitech_1 In reply to work around

Thank you,
I already have ethernet share working, and have copied over the drive onto my XP. But, ultimately I want something that doesnt rely on another computer for backups. Thanks for the xxcopy idea, as I will be changing out the drive in my the Win98SE system, since I am beginning to experience harddrive cluster loss and will need a bootable copy of 98SE.

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a word of caution..

by computechdan In reply to the work around

when u use xxcopy with /clone /yy switch make sure u point it to a folder and not the root of a drive as that switch will delete anything in the destination that's not in the source

ie: xxcopy c: m:\mybackup /clone /yy

it will fail on a few files, but these files will be recreated automaticly when u boot up the new drive


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