Looking Powerfile mediafinder software winXP?

By dhart131 ·
I have a Powerfile model C200-RAM (R200) and downloaded drivers. What I am looking for is the software utility "Mediafinder" for windows? Or, If you know of another Software utility that would be compatible?

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Was this thing discontinued before XP came out?

by seanferd In reply to Looking Powerfile mediafi ...

I had to look up everything as none of it was familiar.

What, exactly, does Mediafinder do? Is its sole purpose bulk-loading disks?

Was there a version for earlier Windows OS, or was this only for Mac OS(X)? So far, it seems these were only for Mac back in 2001. I see Windows drivers, but no apps.

Apparently the replacement when the original vendor quit maintaining the software:

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Doesn"t look like it. XP Pro is listed in supported OS from BING search.

by dhart131 In reply to Was this thing discontinu ...

The Powerfile website is no help, they do not list discontinued products. Did find windows drivers there. Mediafinder is a disk management utility. I found listing saying it supports: UNIX, Microsoft Windows 95/98, Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows XP Professional. As I write this during BING search regarding OS compatiblity it listed another software "PoINT Jukebox Manager". Don't know anything about it, but will start looking into it. I just clicked your link thanks, between that and PoINT Jukebox Manager just might get this thing running.

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