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Looking to give linux a try?

By jdclyde ·
It is now easier than ever.

The Linux store is sending out free distros.

They are looking for donations of course to cover the costs, but nothing is required to get your disks.

People taking part of their own profits to push something they believe in is really a cool thing.

They do limit you to one request per 14 days, which is very reasonable.

Will you give this a try? Would love to hear from people looking to just start in linux but just needed that little push to get them off the fence!

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what about

by Jaqui In reply to Looking to give linux a t ...

the cover disks that come with almost every linux mag, they all have a distro or two on them.

the benefit of them, the articles about linux, and the printed, with pictures, installation instructions for the distro on the disk.

all for about the same as shipping and handling charges.

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No charges

by jdclyde In reply to what about

They are not charging shipping and handling, so it looked like a quick, easy way to get people to jump off the fence. One quick form of who and where to send the disk to, and they are off and running!

Yes, the mags are good, provided you have the time to read them.

And some people don't have the time, patience, or ability to download a distro and burn it to disk.

Anything to help the cause! B-)

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I was only

by Jaqui In reply to No charges

mentioning the mags as an option to get a distro and have an easy to follow installation / configuration guide, with Linux Format the guide also includes a really basic user guide.

I get a couple of them every month, more for the printed material than the disks, but some of the disks come with extra software I would never hear about.

one LF issue came with 4 linux games, and these games look like they will help prove linux is a good gaming platform when they are at a 1.0 release version.

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Well if your going to mention them

by jdclyde In reply to I was only

then mention them.

What are some GOOD mags to get?

I USED to get MaximumLinux, but it did a crash and burn.

come on, share with the class. ;\

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the four I often get

by Jaqui In reply to Well if your going to men ...


Linux Format
Linux User & Developer*
Linux Magazine
Linux Journal.

I'll skip an issue or two right after the distros have done releases, since each will offer the same distros that did a release in consecutive months.
[ how many dvds with suse 10.0, suse 10.1, mandriva 2006, fedora 5, centos, ubuntu 5.1 do you need anyway, one works fine. ]

* the & Developer is a subtitle, much smaller font size on cover.

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by setantapc In reply to Well if your going to men ...

I used to read MaximumLinux as well, it was a great mag.

I now take the odd look at Linux Format which I've been given to understand is the UK "sister" publication of MaxLinux. I try to keep my eyes on which freebies and distros are on the cover disc. As stated earlier in the discussion it is often easier to nab a ready built disk than to download and burn the ISO.

There are 2 or 3 other Linux magazines available in Canada so they are probably also available in your burg, 1 seems like a Linux developer mag so has LOTS of code and over the top software articles.

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A few places are doing stuff like this

by mjwx In reply to Looking to give linux a t ...

My ISP in AU offers several distro's for free download (doesnt count towards your DL quota) to their customers, which distro's being 4 Gig's a pop is pretty good considering my 20 GB limit.

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Getting the free CD

by setantapc In reply to A few places are doing st ...

I've gone here at least 3 X and each time I get a message saying "request for the CD has reached its limit for the day" so I cannot order one.

I have gone and simply downloaded the Knoppix 5 CD ISO and am using it, it's real great.

My buddy is using DSL (D@mn Small Linux) which is made to fit on a 70 Mb Business Card CD and is also a Live eval boot from CD Distro so it's the ultimate small footprint, no frills distro. He uses it mainly for anonymous web surfing and streaming Radio Audio.

Keep you posted on progress.

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I requested two cd's from this site

by NZ_Justice In reply to Looking to give linux a t ...

but it looks like they just keep upping the cost of sending them out. sorry we need $4 no $6 next time it's upto $9 or $10, So I haven't got any yet and it's been like 3 months, So I recommend to any one who reads this post in this thread not to bother ordering any CD's just buy the PC magazine with the free linux distro attached.

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It really is a shame too

by jdclyde In reply to I requested two cd's from ...

Could have been a good thing, instead it is a black eye.

I never got my CD either which was promised back when they were doing it for free.

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