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Looking to Network A House I'm Buying What's the Best \ Cheapest Way?

By rcashier03 ·
Looking to Network A House I'm Buying What's the Best \ Cheapest Way?

I want to do preferably Cat 6 or if I have to 5e. I need tools as I don't own any currently and was wondering where was the best place to get the wire, tools, and supplies from.

Some issues i will be running into is that the basement is all sheet rocked on the ceiling except for the storage room. Which means running cables could be troublesome.

I would love to hear all of your methods for running cable and or where to buy supplies ad a good price.


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If you want to be lazy

by .Martin. In reply to Looking to Network A Hous ...

you could network over you power lines.

sure it is a little expensive, but then you don't have all the worries with laying cables.

<edited cause my spelling is super good>

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That's Pretty Spiffy!

by rcashier03 In reply to If you want to be lazy

But I'm not sure that I want to spend that much. I could get 1000 foot of Cat6 for the price of one connection with that Belkin Setup.

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You can get Powerline much cheaper than that ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to If you want to be lazy

RULE #1: Never ever run with the manufacturer's prices.

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Go wireless

by mjd420nova In reply to Looking to Network A Hous ...

Rcashier: I found that setting up a wireless network within the home was far easier than running CAT5 all over the place. The router is in the family room and I have three wired PC's and a DirecTV DVR there, the rest are wireless. The routers are priced around $40 to $50 each and the WIFI cards run for around $20. each for those units that don't have built-in cards. I have four wireless unit availablity and only two units that would be on at any one time. The wireless list is two laptops, a notebook, a desktop,a PS3, an XBOX360 and a PSP. Setting up security is simple and the signal should easily cover a moderate size home.

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I Already Have a Wireless G Network

by rcashier03 In reply to Go wireless

I'm already running a wireless G network. I have a Linksys Wireless router and run Wifi to the Laptops. I have almost all of the ports maxed out because i have my voip box, desktop, and networked printer plugged in. If I ever work on any pc's here at the house i just use the remaining port. But i "Prefer" to run some hard lines to certain areas of the house.

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Old Thread But I wanted to Update.

by rcashier03 In reply to I Already Have a Wireless ...

Went with the Linksys Dual Band Router, Wireless N with the Gigabit Lan.

Can't remember the model number. I ended up running one line all the way across the basement under the drop ceiling and ect.

I found these little U shaped wiring holders made out of plastic that have 2 nails one on each side and work quite well for making the wiring look professional.

And for what it's worth the Wireless N cover's a multi level home quite well.

Thanks for all the input!

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