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Looking to raise the profile

By the1knight ·
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I am looking at posting a review about TechRepublic on my web site and need some good article writers for a few comments to post on their behalf.

Now, before anyone wants to blame me of spamming, I'm not even going to type out my url in the post.

The comments can be a paragraph, or a full page, it matters not. I just want to display to the world that this is an excellent source for news and solutions.

Thank you in advance.

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No Comment

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Looking to raise the prof ...

As I have no Idea where it will be posted.


Job role: Other IS/IT or Technology Fun...
Location: Preston, GB
Member since:March 2007

March 2007 - Member for 9 Days MAX and looking for others to do work for them. NO DICE Support@

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I am confused

by the1knight In reply to No Comment

Hi TechMail,
I am a little confused by your reply.
Could you please elaborate?


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We get a lot of people come here

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I am confused

spammers, trolls, contact farmers, nigerian scam merchants, weird types who choose aliases that look like other members and then post crap in their name.

Common denominator.
No profile, no contributions, recent member and misleading or default alias.

Our parents taught us not to talk to strangers.

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Our parents taught us not to talk to strangers.

by the1knight In reply to We get a lot of people co ...

Oh I see. Well, I understand that part for sure, but to a point. You see, I can absolutely assure you I am 100 genuine. I have filled in my profile as much as I can at this stage.

Allow me to fill in the gaps, if I may?
It is true I have only been a member here a short time. Since I am sat at my computer most of the day, spending time updating my site getting ready for official opening May 1st, I'm not finding much time to sit in forums posting my thoughts all day. I am hoping to be here on this particular forum for an awful long time, eventually contributing useful articles. I may even upgrade my account.

I have found the newsletters really informative. I sit and read portions of them following my email haul every morning. I have learnt an awful lot in just a few days, in particular I like to follow Vista articles and look at certain tutorials. I've also acquired a few useful proggies like "CrossLoop" which I downloaded this morning.

My outlook is that if you get something from a service you like, its only right and proper to give something back. And since I am launching my new venture, I feel I can give something back. We are writing an article about useful forums such as JCXP, Paint.Net and PCLinuxOS and hopefully this one, which is why, since I have only been a member a short time, obviously I don't know that much about its history or haven't gotten to know many members as yet, I have asked for some input to help me with the feature.

I hope by now, you realize just how "genuine and serious" I am?



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Never use the new letters

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Our parents taught us not ...

Learn more from talking to peers here and not always about tech.
You don't just get trusted here, you need to build a reputation, that means you need to contribute.

Join in the discussions, technical and or off topic.

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by the1knight In reply to Never use the new letters

Do you wipe your back side like everyone else?

You talk like you are somebody. Have you forgotten your first time? Or maybe you never had one.

Think I might stick to forums where new members get a warm welcome, especially when they extend the hand of friendship.

I'll just put your arrogance down to a bad experience.

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Thats a good start. Lets do flames,

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Peers?

Please do this for me.
Who are you?
I'm Mr Trustworthy.

Oh here's my bank account.

Are you for real or what?

I'm arrogant because I'm a big headed egotistical f**k.

Ask anyone.

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Tony speaks rightly

by Tig2 In reply to Peers?

We are each other's peers. We are equals. The word is intended to convey this belief.

If we want to insult you, we call you a "member".

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I'll vouch for what Tony said

by maxwell edison In reply to Peers?

He really is an arrogant .... big headed egotistical f**k. Add to that a pompous jerk, who often times interjects a snide and condescending attitude in his messages, simply reinforcing the "pretentious" British stereotype, and that about sums him up.

I will say this, however. I wouldn't give you anything without knowing more. There are a couple of people to whom I gave permission to copy something I wrote for their Web site and/or wrote something for it, but I've kinda' known them for a while. Without having known you for a while, I wouldn't do it either.

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Cheers always nice

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Peers?

to be validated by my peers.

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