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Looking to secure my privacy

By shannonsmiley466 ·
I have been thinking about my privacy and how private and secure all my data and communications really is. Snowden and NSA has really exposed how open our data and private information really is, not that I or most people have something to hide but do I really want the government ready my steamy texts to my significant other?
So the question is how do you protect yourself? Obviously a typewriter and the post office can at least protect your content, even if the government knows when and who you sent the letter to.
Basically my communications devices are:
Phone – phone calls, text messages and emails
Computer – emails and instant messaging
Sorry for putting all these questions in one post, but they are all connected to the main question how do you protect yourself.
For my cell phone, I am using Tigertext secure texting for all my text messages, which auto delete the messages and allow me to do a remote wipe. For my photos, I immediately move the images to my dropbox account and delete them from the phone.
So, the phone security questions I have are:
1) How do I protect my contacts, meaning is I lose my phone how can I make it so someone who hacks the phone isn’t able to get them get them? What about my call logs?
2) can someone hack my phone while I am using it, and get my contacts, call logs and other stuff, and if so how can I prevent this from happening?
3) What about my emails, can I secure them as well like my text messages?
For my computer, I am using ZoneAlarms firewall, and Malwarebytes anti virus. I have lots of images and documents on my computer.
My computer security questions are:
1) How can I secure my email – I use gmail and yahoo, but don’t use outlook.
2) Are my images and doc more secure on my computer, or in the cloud on Dropbox or another cloud service?
3) Can my Skype messaging and conversation be recorded or logs by our government or anyone else, and is there a way to protect them?
Any advice or suggestion on these questions would be a great help, thanx.

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Kolab for secure email

by bit24sh0cker In reply to Looking to secure my priv ...

Well, I also use Tigertext for messaging, so at least that part is somewhat secure (although I have a question about it and will post it right after this).

For email, you might want to check out:

Its email and calendar services are completely secure, so your private data will never be crawled. That means there's no robot pulling keywords out of your emails to serve you more relevant ads, and in Kolab's own words, your data "can not be accessed by spy programs such as PRISM, so there will be no spying."

Another key features of Kolab is the fact that they store all client data on a physical server bank in Switzerland, a country with some of the best privacy laws and data security in the world.

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