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    looks like a punch down block

    by thetechman2014 ·


    hi inside of comm rooms I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I’ve talked about switches, routers, and patch panels. I’ve seen other things that I’m not familiar with something on the wall that looks like the back of a patch panel. After doing some googling I believe these things are called punch down blocks, they look similar to the same thing on the back of patch panels except they are big. And they do appear to have wires in them. My question is this what purpose they serve. Is that for telephones or something. The reason why I ask this is because I do want to eventually become a network tech, admin, or engineer or something like that. All the books I’ve ever read have never talked much about this punch block on the wall. You hear more about the switches, routers, network commands etc. Is this something that the network guy deals with, installs, troubleshoots. Or is a job for someone else like a phone guy. I’m trying to get a better understanding of what purpose this device serves and if as a future network guy would it be my responsibility for installing or managing it. Is this something that I even need to concern myself with.

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      When you start working somewhere your boss tells you what to do.
      If this is a device relating to analog phones (why didn’t you ask when you saw it?) and your boss tells you that the analog phone system is your responsibility, it is. And then you’ll learn about the stuff you need in that job. I wouldn’t care right now.

      And let me add, that you learn as least as much by asking colleagues as by googling. And it shows you’re a guy who wants to learn and progress, in stead of just being there to earn some money. That’s very positive for someone wanting to do more interesting work than he does now.

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        ooks like a punch down block

        by jonashton066 ·

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        It appears to be a punch-down block, a common component in networking and telecommunications infrastructure. These blocks are used to terminate and connect various cables, facilitating organized and efficient connections in a network setup. If you have specific questions or need assistance with punch-down blocks, feel free to provide more details for further clarification.

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