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Loopback adapter

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I had the painter into one of my sites the other
day and they removed and mixed up our face plates
Office cant afford a tone generator so I am looking for a cheap way to identify wall and rack ports

I have thought about creating a rj45 loopback plug
and testing with an ohm meter. I have an idea it
would work but implementing it well thats where i need your help
any suggs or thoughts are appreciated before hand
jim fox

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Loopback adapter

Here is a quote from the article "A Field Guide to Loopback Plugs" that you can find here:

"Reviewing for a moment, the 10/100BaseT physical layers use 2 pairs of wires. One pair on pins 1 and 2 of the RJ45 plug are for transmit and the other pair on pins 3 and 6 are for receive. 10/100BaseT connections are point to point, i.e. a hub or switch port is connected to another hub or switch port or it's connected to the port on a network interface card (NIC) on a host. A loopback plug connects pin 1 with pin 3 and pin 2 with pin 6. (I've never seen a loopback plug for sale but you can make one with an RJ45 plug and a few inches of spare cable."

So, that will do it. Take an RJ45 jack, take 2 pieces of CAT5 wire, and connect Pin 1 with Pin 3, and Pin 2 with Pin6.

hope this helps

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by In reply to

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This is similar to what I ended up doing
I have set up a rj45 plug with an led attached to
pins 1 and 6. I then placed two jumper wires on a
second plug and used a micro netblink attached to it via
alligator clips.
Rudolph 's nose lit up .

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by djent In reply to Loopback adapter

You can buy cheap cable testers with seperate modules for each end. These are less then $50 and are good for you purpose. carries a unit from Compucable for $44 that has a tone generator.

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by In reply to Loopback adapter

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