loopback testing

By Hidzwan Bellamy ·
how to conduct a loopback testing for e1 interface in order to verify whats the real problem if the protocol is down?

either its a isp problem or product problem(card or cable)

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Loopback testing....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to loopback testing

A loopback test is a test in which a signal in sent from a communications device and returned "looped back", as a way to determine whether the device is working right or as to pin down a failing node in a network. One type of loopback test is performed using a special plug, called a wrap plug, it is inserted in a port on a communications device. The effect of a wrap plug is to cause transmitted (output) data to be returned as received (input) data, simulating a complete communications circuit using a single computer.

In telephone systems, the signal sent as part of a loopback test is referred to as a loopback.,%20Kits,%20Loopback%20Test%20Plugs%20and%20Field%20Termination%20Connector.pdf

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make a driver plugin

by sekharss In reply to loopback testing

Before entering into Phy & below MAC layer instead of pumping the traffic to PHY, Open input Que and fed to entry point above PHY.

So your out put itself your input. You read the protocol now

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