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loose ram slots

By amarit30 ·
respected sir/madam
there is a problem witm my pc - as i turn on my cpu all things(fans,power on mainboard) starts but ram not beeps .when i push ram tightly into slot(s) after that it startsbut if i shutdowns computer , next time the same problem arises and i tight it again and again. my hands are tired. is there connector which can connect ram indirectly into slots or any solution?

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by Jaqui In reply to loose ram slots

you must have broken the white plastic tabs along the edges of the ram slots.
they are designed to go into the notches in the edges of the ram chips.

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by TheChas In reply to loose ram slots

Depending on the type of RAM, you could have broken sockets, damaged contacts, poorly seated RAM, or a bad solder connection on the motherboard.

CAUTION: Since you are having problems with the memory contacts, removing the memory may totally disable your computer.
Proceed with the following steps at your own risk!!!

Start by removing your memory modules and inspecting the sockets for physical damage and corrosion on the pins.

If you have 30 pin or 72 pin SIMM memory, remove the memory from the motherboard.
While wearing an anti-static wrist strap, carefully clean the contact fingers on the RAM modules with a PINK pencil eraser.
Then, using electronics grade contact cleaner, spray the contacts of both the SIMM and the socket.

For 168 pin DIMM memory, you can also "VERY" carefully clean the contacts as described above.

When you replace the memory modules in the motherboard, make sure that they seat properly and fully.

For SIMMs, make sure that they lock into the socket as you tilt them toward the retainer latches.

For DIMMs, make sure that they seat fully and snuggly into the sockets.
On most motherboards that use DIMM memory, there are a pair of latches on each end of the DIMM.
These MUST close and lock the module in place.

Some older DIMM sockets did not have latches.
The ones that I had, it was VERY hard to insert the DIMM fully.

Neither DIMM nor SIMM memory should be loose after it is seated in the socket.

If the problem still persists, you may have a bad solder connection on the motherboard near the memory sockets.

You often need to inspect a circuit board under a microscope to find bad solder connections.
Then, you need the proper skills and tools to repair any bad connections you find.

Considering the amount of work, and potential risk involved, I would find a new or used motherboard that will fit your case and perform an upgrade.


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by melvin_780702 In reply to loose ram slots

My question is....Is your PC new or old? If its new check the warranty period, if warranty not yet expired, go replace your mobo without any expense...I've encountered new mainboard with loose DIMM socket before....If it is an old one, refer to answers 1 and 2...goodluck


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