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Lose connection to the SQL Server

By alinhares ·

I have an client/server application that uses SQL or oracle as a data storage and the connection is established via ODBC.

Here is the issue I am getting. One of my clients (just one) has instaleld SQL as an instant which I do not think it should be a big deal.

But now and then they get a error that can not connect ot the backend server. This is more frequent between 5 and 6 PM in any given day but it does happen randomly during the day.

I have ctalked with the client and they have assured me that nothing is running on the netwrok during those hours.

The only difference I see here is the different instants of SQL on this box as oposed to other clients. Actually we were not told about the instants I had to look for myself.

Do you have any idea of what could cause this strange behaviour?


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by BFilmFan In reply to Lose connection to the SQ ...

I would advise havign the LAN traffic checked between 5 and 6 PM every day. It appears that the connections are being dropped due to an overload of traffic.

You could begin with the server that cannot connect to the backend dataserver. Running a performance monitor of the network card would quickly tell you what issues it is experiencing.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Lose connection to the SQ ...

way insufficient data. what is your exact error message? what is your sql server os? what is the front end app? did this box used to work. yeah, if i came up empty i would bring the box up to the same version of sql client etc as the boxes that work.
htere are lots and lots of things that could casue this. check event logs on bad client and on server. too many trees to bark up. need to narrow the possibilities. if you think it is traffice, it is easy to check for collisions on the nic properties.
too many things possible. imho that is why bfilm is saying check basics like network connectivity. did this used to work? how do the odbc settings check out compared to a box without this problem.

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