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Lose Internet connection after some time

By bermansky ·
When I start my PC I could normally connect to the internet. However after 30 min or so, I am unable to browse using IE or Firefox. But Im still connected on my yahoo. If I refresh my LAN connection (disable and then enable the network adapter), im unable to connect to yahoo either.
I tried renewing my IP (automatically configured) DHCP), flushing my DNS, manually setting DNS, spyware/virus scanning (spysweeper), using winsockfx but im still unable to browse. The weird thing is that I can ping websites ( or using their IP equivalent). Im also unable to telnet 80...
The only work around is restarting the system again.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Platform: Windows XP SP2 (currently updated on MS patches)

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Lose Internet connection ...

Are you connected to the net from a corporate LAN or home LAN or just a single PC?

If restarting the PC is a workaround, have you tried removing the network interface from the system and then re-installing the drivers, or letting Windows re-install the software?

You could also try replacing your network card or installing a new PCI network card if the LAN interface is integrated on the motherboard. If the LAN interface is on the motherboard, disable the Onboard LAN in BIOS first before installing the new PCI card.

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by bermansky In reply to Lose Internet connection ...

I tried what you have said. I reinstalled the drivers, let windows reinstall them for me. My other card is disabled, so theoretically it should not pose any problem at all. I also tried disabling firewalls and I dont have any AV installed.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Lose Internet connection ...

If you connect from home, have you tried another PC or laptop through the same internet connection?

If your PC is on a LAN, do other users have similar problems?

I'd run at least one more anti spyware program with the latest updates, like Spybot. You could also check the open connections (netstat -an) and try to track the running processes in Tast Manager to see if there is anything unusual going on.

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by crobinson In reply to Lose Internet connection ...

I had the exact same problem. Work laptop with XP SP 2 was working fine on Feb 2, and started having this problem on Feb 3. The problem would occur anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes after boot.

It happened on both work and home networks, wired and wireless connections. A full virus scan found nothing, TrendMicro's online anti-spyware scan found nothing, Microsoft's anti-spyware beta found nothing, rootkit revealer found nothing, their Autoruns didn't reveal anything abnormal. XP's built-in winsock reset did nothing, the winsockfix program did nothing.

While it's normally my absolute last resort, I went ahead and wiped the laptop and reloaded because I couldn't spend any more time investigating. That was Monday and it's been working fine since then. I'm a little concerned that this was not an isolated incident though.

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by billadiff In reply to Lose Internet connection ...

I would check software running on your PC such as AntiVirus or anysort of Gaming software that directly connects to the internet in the background (maybe you're unaware of it). Go to a command line and type netstat -an then post the results. More than likely you have some service, daemon, application using the http port or a reserved port and it is causing your problem, even though you are connected to Yahoo!. You are connecting on a high range TCP port probably with Yahoo. Internt traffic uses UDP not TCP when surfing sites. I think your problems lies with an active port you are unaware of being used.

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by bermansky In reply to Lose Internet connection ...

The result of netstat -an


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