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    Losing Internet Connection


    by nannig3 ·

    I have a DELL 4600 with windows XP HOME edition that I’m having problems with.
    I keep on losing the connection to the Internet. I have a cable modem with a cable router.
    I did check to make sure it was not one of them. The modem and router are working fine. I took my laptop and hooked it up to the router and I am able to get to
    The Internet with no problem .The laptop is running windows 98. If the DELL with
    Windows XP sits at Idle for about an hour, it loses the Internet connection. To get it back, I have to right click on the local area connection icon by the clock and click on repair connection. Can you tell why the XP loses connection? How can I correct it?

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      by ready66 ·

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      It could be a default setting. I have XP Pro with an internal dial-up modem, here’s what I do – you can probably do something similar.

      In my internet browser I go to Tools, Internet Options, Connections. I click the Settings tab next to my connection and then click the Advanced tab next to dial-up connection in the box that opens up. Another box open which has the line “disconnect if idle for X minutes. I remove the check mark.

      Hope this helps.

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      by jschein ·

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      Go into your device manager… Find your network card and goto properties… Should have an advanced tab. Disable the option “Allow nic to go into powersave mode” (or something similar to that). When you see it, you will understand.

      Good luck

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