Losing mouse and keyboard during windows installation

By haku66 ·

After installing a new motherboard, my mouse and keyboard stop responding when windowsXP boots up. I've re-tried with a different USB mouse and keyboard and a PS/2 mouse and keyboard with no success.

I attempted to repair the windows installation using the repair facility on the windowsXP disc.

I have mouse and keyboard control up to the point where windows begins installing devices. I get prompted to install a driver file for the mobo. I used the CD that came with the mobo so i know that driver is good. After i select it i get another prompt saying that the certificate is not valid and may cause problems. I know the driver is good so i continue. Shortly after my mouse and keyboard stops responding.

I've re-tried this process with the original mobo, but my computer keeps rebooting as soon as windows boots up. If i try to repair the installation i get the same problem with the other mobo.

I've tried safe mode, booting up with last good known config and used a variety of PS/2 and USB mice and keyboards. Still getting the same result.

I believe the problem comes from the way windows questions the validity of the drivers i attempt to install. Because they aren't signed i think windows uses some signed generic drivers, that don't work with the mobo.

How would i force windows to accept the drivers and use them without prompting. Or, how would i remove this check?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Try a In place install by following the directions here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Losing mouse and keyboard ...

You need the XP CD to do this and it should be either a retail or OEM Copy not a slipstreamed copy for a different Hardware configuration.

Once you have the default drivers installed you can then proceed to install the optimised drivers for your M'Board and any associated hardware.


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Still can't find a solution

by haku66 In reply to Try a In place install by ...

Thanks for your reply, Hal.

My XP CD is an OEM copy. I've also tried a slipstreamed copy as well but that didn't work.

Here is my specific problem:

When installing the devices i'm prompted to locate and select the idecoi.dll file. When i do i'm then told that the software i'm installing for the hardware: nVIDIA parallel ATA controller, has not passed windows logo compatability blah blah blah. Shortly after selecting yes or no, and before the i recieve the same message about the realtek audio driver, i lose mouse and keyboard.

I've tried a variety of drivers including the most up to date, wasted a number of CDs and still no joy.

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