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Losing Roaming Profiles

By dave.raj ·
Hi.There must be someone who can help regarding the problem that I have been having with roaming profiles. We have some user defined logon's that should enable that person to log in with there profile(MY documents, desktop properties, etc) and get access to certain network drives. But what happens with couple of log on's is that the profile won't appear. Rest of the logon profiles work ok. The server with the profiles is Windows 2000 Advanced server and the client desktops are a mix of Windows 2000 pro and NT4.

Someone pls help.


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by BFilmFan In reply to Losing Roaming Profiles

The desktops that don't get the profile are running what OS? 2000 or NT?

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by dave.raj In reply to Losing Roaming Profiles

The roaming profles don't appear on both the Windows 2000 and Windows NT4 client pc's

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by voldar In reply to Losing Roaming Profiles

check if the appropiate security is in place for the profile's folders of the users you have problem with. also check if the name of the user profile folder is the same as the %username%.

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by markaskew In reply to Losing Roaming Profiles

I've had the same situation after upgrading the client machines from NT4 to 2K. Users were constantly calling saying that hey have lost their profile AGAIN!!I have stumbled across (User Profile Hive Clean) UPHClean.exe from microsoft website. I copied it to a share (y:\uphclean) which everyone has access to then simply pointed the profile to it on logon by adding the following line to the logon script - (y:\uphclean\uphclean.exe -install). My findings of doing this are that it scrubs all hive info from profile, shortcuts and favourites but left outlook settings and internet proxy intact. I even copied back my shortcuts from a backup, back to my desktop and these have stayed after logging off and back on again. It's been a mad few days, but it seems to have dropped off now and cured the problem. Worth looking at - just search for UPHClean on the microsoft website.

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by markaskew In reply to Losing Roaming Profiles

One more thing to watch out for is .tmp files.....
As were are still running NT servers, each time I logged onto these with a 2K profile, I have another tmp file added in my profile. NTUSER.POL.TMP Each subsequent logon added anoth .tmp ie. NTUSER.POL.TMP.TMP until eventually I had .TMP.TMP.TMP.TMP.TMP.TMP, etc
Once you hit so many, you cannot download your profile. Again, I now have a few lines added in the logon script to remove NTUSER.POL.TMP.* files which has combatted this problem.

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