losing space on c drive

By fabales ·
Hi there

I'm losing disk space on my C drive.
It fluctuates up and down, without any downloads at all.The free space on the C drive has gone from 1Gb to 25MB in a couple of days. the problem seem to happen when the PC is on and connected to the net.
The machine is a Sony Vaio laptop and I use windows XP.

I have already scanned for viruses and spywares but it doesn;t accuse any.
I 've also freed up all unnecessary files, defrag, temp net files, but it does not help at all as it solves the prob temporarily.

Can anyone shed me some light on the subject, this is driving me insane!!!!

Thanks to all, any help is much appreciated!!

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Try the following

by AruJammer In reply to losing space on c drive

Check if you have offline sync enable.

Use a tool like TreeSize, to scan you harddisk, with this tool you can see which folders are the one that takes the most space on your HD

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no results as of yet

by fabales In reply to Try the following

hi Gilbertoman

tnx for the post!

I have downloaded a program called JDiskRepost1.3.0 (freeware), which gives me a full graphic detail of the usage of the C drive, but the numbers just dont' add up.

It reports that the full usage of the C drive adds's up to 8.5G.
Since the Drive is 30Gb big, I dont quite get where the "spare" 21.5Gb have gone!

Ever came across something like this before?

Tnx for the help.

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Sounds like

by cmiller5400 In reply to losing space on c drive

This sounds like some sort of malware possibly. Make sure that the AV program's definitions are up to date and that you run all the scans in SAFE MODE.

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still losing it.....

by fabales In reply to Sounds like

Hi there

Thanks for the post cmiller5400.

I have downloaded the necessary anti-spywares & ad- wares and anti-viruses, done full scan in safe mode but without positive results as the memory still goes down.
Funny bit is that if i have the PC on but with the net blocked, that memory slowly fluctuates back up. If I connect it to the net, then it slowly starts to come down again.

Any suggestions?
Thx for the help so far, much appreciated!

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Is your Virtual Memory

by IC-IT In reply to still losing it.....

Static or does it allow Windows to adjust as needed?
1GB is not much extra room to start with.
Have you cleaned out unused programs, temp files, temp directories, unused profiles, all users local settings - temp directories, temporary Internet files and Cookies?
Ccleaner can help in this endeavor, but be careful with it.

You may also want to consider deleting Windows update uninstall files and KB logs.
Also check your windows folders for clutter files or remanents of old virus debris.
don't forget to use the Show Hidden files and folders option.

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