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Loss of conectivity with a Cisco router, what do you check first?

By Cerberus2k7 ·
From a remote standpoint.

Usually sh ver, sh log, sh frame/controllers. But I know some people go straight to the controller or routing protocol in use. What do you guys/gals normally do for your initial investigation?

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by CG IT In reply to Loss of conectivity with ...

sh ver only shows the bootstrap, bootloader, and IOS version running. Sh log might show logs but that wastes time. sh controllers it a good one but also sh int [interface] which would give you the information of how the interface is configured whether the interface is up and whether the protocol is up,

Interface up is the physical interface if it's not up probably should use the no shut command to bring it up. Protocol up is datalink connection. If the protocol isn't up, it's a layer 2 [datalink layer ]problem.

personally, if there's documentation [there should be] I'd start with a ping to the interface, then in exec mode sh int command.

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Tosses this off

by santeewelding In reply to depends

Like flakes of skin.

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