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Loss of disk space

By khoocw85 ·
Will deleting games (or anything) without using the uninstall option - just rightclicking mouse and press delete - cause a loss in disk space or damge the disk?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Loss of disk space

Deleting the folders that way will not get rid off all the game as there are roots all through Windows so parts of them will remain in the system.

They probably will do no harm but you will not get as much Free Space on the disk as possible. It really depends on how strapped for space you are.


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by pctech In reply to Loss of disk space

You will not cause damage to the hard drive by simply deleting programs as you described. What you will do is create errors in Windows. When you install any Windows based application these applications not only write files to various directories but also write information concerning the application in the Windows registry. Simply deleting these applications, as opposed to uninstalling them, does not remove the files in other directories and nor does it remove the registry entries. This will result in a bloated registry that will effect overalll system performance and can also cause error messages at the desktop because Windows can not find files that are in various start up places in Windows for the deleted applications. Always use the uninstall for applications or the " Add/Remove Programs " in the Control Panel. The only exception to this will be with any DOS based applications for they will not make any registry entries and will not write any files to the Windows directories. ... I hope this helps you.

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