loss of internet access.

By forumdemon2005 ·
hello all,
i'm an IT manager and i've been facing this problem quite often lately with many users, people all of a sudden lose their internet connectivity, and by that i mean they cannot browse they cannot log onto msn or check their e-mails via outlook. (just like if they were plugged out)

looking at their IPs and DNS they all look fine, what boggles me the most is that i can ping or through the cmd prompt just fine.

the problem occurs in XP and vista as well, it tends to clear out when i restart the computer but there's gotta be a way to it, another solution other than restarting.

i tried flush renew and release and all that cmd stuff but none work.

is there something i'm missing? is there a way around this or is it a known issue with a reasonable solution?

thanks for your time in advnace :))

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by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to loss of internet access.

Does it happen to more than one workstation? If so, does it occur at the same time? Is there a firewall implement upstream of the workstations? Do the workstations have any special rules on the Windows firewall or a third party firewall?

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by forumdemon2005 In reply to Questions

yes it does happen to more than one station but at random times not the same time.

some of them are behind a cisco firewall, some of them are not, some of them are using Kaspersky IS (and yes i tried disabling KS all together trying to see if the connection would work but no it doesn't)

most of them have their windows firewalls disabled or defaulted.

it also happens occasinally to my home PC (windows vista Ultimate 32)

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by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to feedback

Thanks for the information. It has to be a irritating issue for you. The fact that you can ping a FQDN makes it even more confusing.

The next step I would take would be to install a sniffer like WireShark on a computer and see what is happening when you lose Internet connectivity.

I was also curious as to if there is any common ground that would affect all of the workstations. Do they all link to a specific managed switch?

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