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Loss of Map Drives in 2000 with Dialup

By Torque2K ·
Hi, all.

I've been converting our company's PCs over to Windows 2000 from 9X and NT. We have a large number of notebook users, so 2000 is a great upgrade for us.


One thing I cannot figure out on the Windows 2000 clients is mapping drives over a dialup connection. Our servers have a script which runs when any client machine logs in, or rather a user logs into the domain.

On 9X and NT, when a user logs in via RAS, on authentication the script runs exactly as it does when connected to the LAN. For some unknown reason, my 2000 clients will NOT run that script.

I have even copied the script over to a notebook, dialed in, logged in as a user (even the Domain Administrator!), and run the batch file script on the local machine, but to no avail.

Our domain is predominantly NT 4 SP5, with the file server recently upgraded to 2000 Advanced Server (it handles print services, too).

On a side note, this also happens when connecting through a VPN connection on our Cisco 3000 Concentrator.

Thanks for any help!

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Loss of Map Drives in 2000 with Dialup

by Joseph Moore In reply to Loss of Map Drives in 200 ...

This sounds like a name resolution problem, that the 2000 Pro laptop cannot resolve the machine names in the logon script file.
Windows 2000 uses DNS for its primary method of name resolution. First it queries its configured DNS servers, then the internal HOSTS file. If it does not get resolution, then it goes the WINS/LMHOSTS route. After that, it is a network broadcast.
All of that said, I have had problems also with Windows 2000 Pro laptops and dial-in access getting name resolution on an NT4 domain. My company is not using DNS for machine name resolution, but we are using WINS still.
So, I would configure the laptops dial-up connection to use WINS for resolution.
It also could not hurt to set up the LMHOSTS file with the IP address/name of your PDC. Plus, define your NT domain in the LMHOSTS file. I set up my laptops with the LMHOSTS file info also. Yes, with WINS it is redundant to do bo (in theory) but it works.
Next, I found that I needed to add the ExpectedDialupDelay registry entry into the 2000 Pro laptops so they have ample time to get the name resolution. So, you might want to add this Registry value to the laptops.

How to write the LMHOSTS file:

ExpectedDialupDelay Registry key:

Please remove any spaces in the urls.

Hope this helps.

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Loss of Map Drives in 2000 with Dialup

by Torque2K In reply to Loss of Map Drives in 200 ...

EXCELLENT! Basically, WINS isn't working over the dialup on our 2K Pro clients, which stinks, but you've help a ton!

Using the LMHOSTS file in the Networking tab of the DialUp Connection did the trick! We pointed the file to the PDC (NT), and it worked the first time.

As for the Delay hack, our notebooks don't seem to need it, yet. Still need to do more testing with the above answer...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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Loss of Map Drives in 2000 with Dialup

by Torque2K In reply to Loss of Map Drives in 200 ...

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