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Loss of network + Clear ARP Cache Error

By techrepublic@ultralame. ·
I have a windows xp workstation on a dell optiplex machine.

I do some coding on it, and I have installed a Microsoft Virtual adapter (see network info below) and used netsh to map a port on the LAN IP to the private, virtual ip.

About 10 times a day, I seem to lose network connectivity for new connections (existing TCP/IP connections, such as Remote Desktop are not affected), but I cannot surf to new pages, etc.

Rebooting and disabling/enabling the LAN adapter worked to fix the problem. It also works to "Repair" the connection- but when I do, I get this error:

Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed:
Clearing the ARP cache

HEre is the output of:
>netsh routing ip nat dump

# ----------------------------------
# NAT configuration
# ----------------------------------
pushd routing ip nat
set global tcptimeoutmins=1440 udptimeoutmins=1 loglevel=ERROR

#NAT Configuration For Interface dpix
add interface name="lan" mode=FULL
add portmapping name="lan" proto=TCP publicip= publicport=1666 privateip= privateport=1666

#NAT Configuration For Interface VIRT
add interface name="VIRT" mode=PRIVATE


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by normt44 In reply to Loss of network + Clear A ...

I also have this problem and need to know how to correct it.

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by techrepublic@ultralame. In reply to

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I recently removed the program that required the portmapping. So I removed the portmapping entry and disabled the virtual adapter.

The problems went away. Not sure if it was due to the portmapping or the virtual adapter. Oh well.

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