Loss of recovery console and safe mode after SP3 install

By bkrsrb ·
First I want to thank Seanferd for his direction and help.
Directly after install the full SP3 package, ( man what was I thinking?), I lost the ability to use the recovery console. When I try the computer reboots, no console. So I tried using the safe mode because I vaguely remembered reading somewhere that they were somehow connected. How is the question of the day. Why I would lose the functions of both is another. Of course the million dollar question is how to get them back. I have always used the recovery console at boot up just in case. It makes me feel a bit more secure when Windows takes the inevitable dive. Same for the safe mode and now I neither.
Thanking anyone that can help and hope there is because I feel very insecure without them.

Life sucks then ya die.

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Well you probably believed that M$ was doing the right thing.

by OH Smeg In reply to Loss of recovery console ...

As they released SP3 to the Auto Update Site and you had to install software to prevent it being automatically loaded. Therefore it should be safe to use.

But having said that SP3 doesn't normally trash XP in that way. I've only ever run into the CPU incompatibility Issue previously with the Slipstreamed Install Disc's and I've seen it affect both AMD and Intel CPU's which is a bit odd according to M$ at least.

If you have a M$ Branded XP Install Disc you can do a Repair Install by following the directions here provided that you are not using any Form of File Encryption. If you are using a form of File Encryption first contact the maker to see what is required to Backup both your Data and the Encryption Key. If you are using M$ EFS you can follow the directions here for backing up the Encryption Key [these are Green Files Names when you open either Windows Explorer or My Computer.]

If you have a M$ Branded Install Disc not one of the System Makers Recovery Disc's you can do a Repair Install by following the directions here

If you don't have a M$ Branded Install Disc only a System Makers Recovery Disc things get harder as those are not a full copy of the XP install Disc and do not have all the available Rescue Options on them. You really need to backup all your Files & Setting to some form of External Storage and then use the Recovery Disc to rebuild the computer to a Factory Fresh Install then apply the Service Pack before adding anything more to the system.

Hope that is of some assistance.


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