Loss of wave file volume setting

By rovoco ·
My client has a Windows XP desktop with a
Realtek on board audio chip. Recently, he
has been getting no sound when loading the
OS or when closing it. I checked the audio
settings and the volume for wave files. It
was at 0. I reset the slider to maximum and
tested sounds. All were fine. I rebooted
the PC. Windows startup audio played. When
I shut down the PC the Windows closing audio
played. The next time I powered up, the
Windows startup audio did not play. I then
checked the settings and the wave volume
slider was again at 0. Tried resetting
several times. The same sequence occured.
All other settings remained where they were
set. Have never seen this before. Any

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Reinstall the

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Loss of wave file volume ...

Audio Driver it sounds as if it's been corrupted.


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Realtek Audio Driver

by rovoco In reply to Reinstall the

I updated the Realtek High Definition Audio driver, restarted the PC. Wave files did not
play. Found the Wave volume slider at zero again. Sorry, doesn't seem to be the driver.
Thanks for your response.

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Sounds like a registry permissions issue (sorry for the pun..) and..

by cmatthews In reply to Loss of wave file volume ...

..normally explorer writes these sndvol32 settings back to disk on a "normal" explorer shutdown. It appears that when these writes are happening, they get trashed cause the machine is going down anyway.

Check permissions on this branch of the registry:


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Hmmm......Vendor code?

by rovoco In reply to Sounds like a registry pe ...

I waded through the PCI folder entries, but
could not identify a Realtek HD Audio vendor
code. This is an on board chip on an Asus
M2N-MX SE Motherboard with an nVidia chipset.
What am I looking for here?

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You're looking to modify user access to branches, so go to.

by cmatthews In reply to Hmmm......Vendor code?


..and do a ctrl-f (find) on the text "Wave" and repeat (F3) text search downward until you see groups of sub-keys like:
#synth, #midi, #wave and #uart

I'm sitting at a PC with 3 branches above with these key settings:

So right-click these branch permissions to give the user in question (better, all users) Full Control.

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ASUS doesn't have Realtek drivers for that MB.

by Ron K. In reply to Loss of wave file volume ...
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Maybe it's not motherboard audio.. Try this great tool..

by cmatthews In reply to ASUS doesn't have Realtek ...

..I always keep it on a flash drive ready to go:

When checking clients machines, the last thing to do is open Pandora's box. This lets a tech see and log details to one html file on the USB drive. Later when they call, the tech already has a birds-eye-view and knows when clients are making undisclosed changes.

As yet, I've not found anything to compare ;-)

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Installed latest Realtek driver using DriverDetective.

by rovoco In reply to ASUS doesn't have Realtek ...

Installing the latest Realtek drive for the client's Asus MOBD from DriverDetective worked, but did not solve the problem, so I am following the suggestions from cmathews (see thread entries). Hopefully, will solve this elusive problem. Thanks.

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Every time I've had issues with onboard audio...

by Ron K. In reply to Installed latest Realtek ...

I've installed the sound drivers the manufacturer supplies for that onboard audio. Why are you installing Realtek drivers if the manufacturer's drivers don't specify Realtek?

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Asus Support CD Does Contain Realtek Audio Driver

by rovoco In reply to Every time I've had issue ...

Ron -

The Asus M2N-MX SE Series motherboard does
have a Realtek audio chip. The Asus support
CD contains the original Realtek driver. I
reinstalled the original driver and it did
not solve the problem. I then installed the
latest Realtek HD Audio driver. No luck.
Ergo, it is not driver related, but rather,
somthing is getting messed up on shutdown.

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