Lots of Open Ports?

By quinton11 ·
My computer has been really slow with regards to streams. I was told to check with Netstat and did, discovered I had 95 open ports with 22 connected. How can I tell which ones are needed and are connected to whom or what? Complete Newbie when it comes to this stuff ie: ports related to what? Which port number refers to which service. Is there a way to discover and learn this? How do I shut down ports? Am using Win 7, 64 bit. Also using F-secure. I understand that this can indicate Spyware too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you are running firewalls

by seanferd In reply to Lots of Open Ports?

in your computer and router, generally speaking, ports not used by your system are closed by default. You usually will have to forward a port for a particular application which is not recognized as a known application if it isn't using one of the commonly wide-open ports (like port 80 for http).

Generally, you should probably have all ports above 1024 closed or "stealth", unless a particular application you know is good complains about a particular port. (e.g., some app might want HTTP 8080 open, but usually because you configured it that way).

Shields Up! from Gibson (GRC)

Try that.

Well-known ports:

"My computer has been really slow with regards to streams."

This has likely nothing at all to do with open ports, which was the focus of much of your post. I assume you mean "streaming media" by this.

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Use Sysinternals TCPview (free from Microsoft)

by cmatthews In reply to Lots of Open Ports?

There's dozens of tools on the site:

Some other very useful tools are:
Process Explorer, Autoruns, Reg Monitor, Process Monitor.

You can do a live port check at with Shields-Up too.

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Shields Up says all in Stealth Mode

by quinton11 In reply to Use Sysinternals TCPview ...

I have done the Shields Up tests and it says all is great and am in stealth mode, actually says that it is very rare to be this stealthy, lol. So I don't know. I have Autoruns installed and there is so much info there that its confusing. My big worry is closing down needed processes and open ports. I wonder if there could be a issue with malicious scripts that my kids may have run. Could that be a problem that would cause this and will a virus program detect such an issue? They are always playing online games.
Thanks for the help everyone.

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