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Lotue Notes User i.d

By jonathan.gray ·

I'm looking to create a batch file to copy approx 130 lotus notes user i.d's and names.nsf files from the user's local c:\lotus\notes\data directory to a user's directory on the network the files are to be sent to each user's individual folder. I have tried writing a bath file for one and this works fine, but i need to find a way to write a batch file that will do this to every user's folder.

Can anyone understand this question, and can anyone help.


by the way im using winnt server and lotus notes release 5

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Lotue Notes User i.d

by opatzg In reply to Lotue Notes User i.d

Have the network folders already been made matching the username portion of the file and is the network mapped to the same drive letter for each user?
If so create a list file of the directory names.
then there are ways to use a list file to run from a batch file or you can just create a larger batch file with the same logic for each user.
Some editors have a great macro function where with a list you can build the batch file you need.
you basically look for existence of the username to decide what directory to go to.
2 batch files with a passed username(no spaces) would work well.
1 bacth file calls the second passing the %1 parameter of username like
call batch2 greg
call batch2 bob
call batch2 jim
Then the next batch file batch2.bat would have
If exists c:\lotus\notes\data\ copy f:\users\%1

if exists c:\lotus\notes\data\ copy names.nsf f:\users\%1

Now your actual lotus id's may not work well with short names but good luck anyway.
Hope this helps

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