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Lotus Domino R5 vs Alternatives

By matthew-sts.lovell ·
In searching of information, I have found very little on the comparison of Domino R5 used as both a progressive messaging infrastructure as well as a best of breed web/browser based application development environment. As a CTO for a major company, this does intrigue me. Many clients request comparative strategic information to reinforce their infrastructure decision. I would very much welcome the thoughts, ideas, strategic thinking or experiences of any other person with regards to this topic ?

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Like my Lotus

by Michelinda In reply to Lotus Domino R5 vs Altern ...

I do not know much about the alternatives. I do know that there are fewer virus that replicate on the Lotus platform than many of the others. After many "address book" scares, we have been safe (as a company) from the replication problems some other companies have that have used other products.

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Triangle Group UK

by dldomenico In reply to Lotus Domino R5 vs Altern ...

The CEO of Triangle Group in the UK, Jim Chapman, has made presentations at Lotusphere, at least two or three years that I know of. If you are truly interested in a perspective of what Domino can do for your organization, you may try to contact him. His insights and experiences as he has related them at Lotusphere are unbiased. The address I found at is:

Cross and Pillory House
Cross and Pillory Lane
Alton, Hants, GU34 1HL, UK
Rel: +44 (0) 1420 547500


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comment on Domino R5

by bonchi74 In reply to Lotus Domino R5 vs Altern ...

Hello Matthew, to begin with I want to make it clear that I am a fan of W2K and Microsoft solutions... however I've seen the capabilities that the Domino R5 platform have to offer. It is cross-platform... meaning that any application your staff or say a consulting firm makes will run in any OS platform including Linux!
It is a solution that provides a seamless integration between messaging, custom workflow and the web. ie you can create discussion databases and run server agents that send emails to specific recipients very easily. Also there are many Lnotes solutions that offer integrated messaging (fax,voice, email in the same mail recipient).
I've been working now with a product called LearningSpace which can be used to organize content and deliver trainings online through the web (used either in educational institutions or simply a company that engages in costly trainings for new employees, etc etc)
You could integrate Sametime which is pretty much a lame ICQ (cause it's secure jeje) and it's pretty neat, which shows you the people that are online, you could do real-time meetings etc... schedule bla bla.
QuickPlace is to organize groups of people to collaborate, etc and provides information relevant to aid the groups inachieving a specific goal.
The reason why there's not a definite way to compare R5 with other alternatives is because there isn't an alternative which gives you 60% of what Domino gives you.
As a messaging tool itself you really don't capitalize much... But when you throw in the knowledge management apps, workflow (like automized procurement) it's amazing.
You are also able to program in Java, JavaScript, LotusScript (same thing as VB but with more classes, although VB has a much more powerful designer client) and simple formulas to achieve whatever you want.

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