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Lotus Domino Replica Analyzer

By spitcher ·
I created a Domino application in LotusScript that analyzes differences in replicas on other servers.

Here's what it does:

* Checks for differences between two replicas on different servers
o Number of documents
o Access Control List
o Full Text Index type and last date it was indexed
o Last Fixup Date
o Quota
o On Disk Structure
o Document compression
o LZ1 compression
o Unread marks
o Transaction logging
o DAOS status
o % Whitespace
o ...and a few others.
* Gives you the option to automatically set options based on the results found
o If your target replica DB quota is different from the source, make the target quota the same as the source, etc.
* Automatically create new replicas if not found on the target server. This was the premise of my original tool. A great feature if you have a whole directory you need replicated. For example, you have an Archive policy and your archive database gets created on new user registration, however you need to manually create the replica, assign the quota, etc. This utility is scheduled to run every week so that you can be sure your archive directory is always in sync with the replicated directory on another server.
* Customizable setup document that allows you to pick the servers and directories to poll, and what actions you want to automatically happen based on the results you find.

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