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    by shaun_crawford ·

    I am using Lotus Notes 5.0.1 and myself and a few colleagues have found that our corporate address book has disappeared. When we try and address a mail to somebody we can only choose from our own personal address books but the main address book of everybody in the company has disappeared. Other colleagues do not have the problem. Our internal Notes support team have not been able to find a solution other than a re-install. Does anyone have any ideas?

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      Lotus Notes

      by gperrie ·

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      Check your location document for Home/Mail server and the Domino directory server. At the bottom right of your screen it usually says Office when on the LAN, click it and choose Edit Current. The settings are on the Servers tab. Both servers are usually the same so if you have the correct setting for Mail server, leave the other one blank and it will use this for both.

      Another thing possibly to check, has the address book disappeared from your drop down list of address books or does the name resolution only happen when you press F9 or Send? If its when you press F9, try pressing the Address button at the top of a new mail and change the entry from the Personal AB to the main AB.

      Another point but unrelated, are you using Notes 5.0.1 or 5.0.10? If its still 1 then a huge amount of fixes were provided in 5.0.3 and 5.0.4 and these would be the minimum releases I would recommend. We use 5.0.10(for official XP compatability) and it seems really stable.


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