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Lotus Notes/Domino Servers and Hub

By cheridee36 ·
Hello Lotus Experts:

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with Lotus Notes/Domino Servers and Hubs. I have been given the job to determine if we should keep it, change it, or patch the current problem.

We have a hub server that is useless. Our address replications never work. Worst of all, we have no one with expertise internally to rectify the matter. When I call IBM, all they want to do is sell me every feature they have without getting down to heart of the matter.

Is there anyone out there with Lotus Notes/Domino Servers operating to perfection? If you are there, their is a God! Please assist! Any advice is highly appreciated!

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Its been years

by JamesRL In reply to Lotus Notes/Domino Server ...

But I do know that there are maintenance functions like Fixup that should be done on an ongoing basis to insure the integrity of the indexs on key databases such as the name and address database which gets updated and read constantly.

I would suggest though that if you don't have an expert, hire one for a short term on contract. They can setup and scheduled, alarms set and so on. You might also look at some of the tools - we used to use Candle Intelliwatch, and I understand GSX has some good tools in this area as well.


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That's just it James

by cheridee36 In reply to Its been years

Since it's been years for you, are we using archaic tools that need to be revamped as a whole? We have had so many contractors come in and do temporary fixes, and to our dismay, nothing is fixed. It's like putting air in a tire that has a hole in it.

What technology are you presently utilizing right now?

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I left that company

by JamesRL In reply to That's just it James

My current company is phasing out Notes.

I was a Notes admin from 95 to 97. I only had one server, didn't use it for mail, but had 120 Notes clients and 250 Domino users.

I ran fixup weekly. I re-indexed weekly. Monthly I ran a full backup then de-fragged the HD. I also replicated to a "safety" HD locally just in case.

I will admit I struggled with corrupted address books a couple of times - before I put that maintenance in place. I had to resort to going back a week, retoring an old address book and then re-adding the new users. But since the corruption had started before then(without any symptoms), it was only a matter of time before they corrupted again.


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Thanks, James!

by cheridee36 In reply to I left that company

That's exactly what we are going through. Temporary fixes. I am not versed in Lotus Notes and I am not required to do the tactical, but your information has added great value to my quest to find a solution.

What steps is your company taking to phase out Notes? Are they keeping Domino? Is your company large, medium or small?

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Once the AD forest is complete...

by JamesRL In reply to Thanks, James!

...the notes servers will be replaced by exchange.

Its kinda strange hybrid right now - management use notes because of a few legacy applications, and staff use Outlook. It causes me some grief in that I can't share my calendar with my team.

But it will be over in about 6 months.


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Lotus Domino Hub Server not Replicating

by TRHS In reply to Lotus Notes/Domino Server ...

Contact Lotus Support p They can get anything working!
Toll Free: 1-800-IBM-SERV

Also see their vast Knowledge Base
If you have an error msg the answer may be right there!! Lotus is part of IBM but still around!
Click on link below for Lotus Problem Solving Technote Search!

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Send me an email

by awfernald In reply to Lotus Notes/Domino Server ...

Please let me know what version of Notes you are using, how you are "managing" the lotus notes account creation/administration (i.e. who is responsible, if they know, where they are creating the addresses, etc...

If you can provide any additional information (i.e. your Notes server topology), that would also be very useful.

I have worked with Lotus Notes since 19**, and might be able to help fix this up even though I haven't had to deal with it in the last couple of years

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