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    Lotus Notes R5


    by rawle ·

    I am preparing several sets of emails to be sent to clients. These emails are actual duplicates of each other with only one minor change in the body of the message. I have already created the first set of emails (120 emails in Draft mode) and would like to know if there is a feature in Lotus Notes that allows for duplication of the email message, including the email address. I have to set up 120 emails 5 times. I did a merge and copied and pasted from Word to Lotus Notes, 120 times. I cannot merge to emails, since there are attachments that must be included with each email. I am hoping that there is a better way to accomplish the task I have to complete.



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      by joseph moore ·

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      Unfortunately, I have Notes client R6, so this might not help you. But in R6, there is a button called “Copy Into New” that will let you copy a full e-mail — including addresses, text and attachments — into another e-mail, so you would have 2 copies of the same e-mail.
      You click Copy Into New, then New Memo.
      That is it. The draft e-mail is copied into a 2nd e-mail that you can also save as Draft, or send.

      So, I don’t have a copy of R5 to test if it has the same button or not. IF it does,then use it. IF not, then can you upgrade to R6?

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      by rawle ·

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