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Lotus Notes Unique User Names

By Liz Lagrotteria ·
We've just moved away from our divisional messaging system and are running our own Domino R5 environment. I'm seeing a weird thing going on with addressing mail. If I have a user named John Doe and I send him an e-mail addressed to john@[domain].com he will receive it, even if he is the only John in the address book and his last name is not addressed. If I add a dummy user with the same first name - the mail gets trapped (In my opinion, as it should!)with the error that the user name is not unique. This wouldn't be a problem but I have a few users (with unique first names) who receive spam when it should get trapped.
So my question this by design? or is there something that can be done to correct this? Domino shouldn't deliver mail if the name is not complete.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Lotus Notes Unique User N ...

It is worth understanding how domino looks up addresses. i would tell you if i could (rdl) check out, on your system, in the current location, how it is looking up addresses. does disabling that make any impact? understand what is in local and global address book for user in question. back them up while you are at it. domino is not making it up. it'll be in there in plain sight when you find it. did you set up this user? what does his account show for user names and internet email address and short names. does he have any nicknames associated with this account or is his username perhaps, john

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by Liz Lagrotteria In reply to

So I guess my question is how does domino look up addresses? Our system was set up by the same people who set up the divisional system, so a lot of the settings they used don't apply to our smaller environment. All references to the users in question contain both first and last name, e.g. short name, internet address, nicknames. This problem is on a server, not client, level and pertains to internet mail only, not inter-company mail.

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